Where’s Waldo? Or Debbie?

Today I’m over at my friend Oma’s Blurt blog, doing a guest post.

Actually, I was supposed to be over there last week while he was keeping the streets safe during the DNC, but technology had other ideas.

I was crushed hurt disappointed when all the popular kids got to “play Oma for a day” and I didn’t.

Despite my having a popular name like Debbie.

But life goes on.

Eventually, Oma saw the error of his ways and relinquished his digs to me, providing I don’t leave pumpkins around.

Or slugs.

So won’t you please drop by and leave a comment? Not that I’m begging or anything, but we bloggers are a needy bunch.

We can chat a bit. Get to know one another.

Maybe share a pizza and a cold drink.

Shoot, let’s us have a party on Oma’s dime!

Wouldn’t want him to think I wasn’t as popular as my name indicates.

Take a look around while you’re at it and catch up on some of his past posts.

He has a way with words. You’ll probably learn something. And enjoy yourself.

I’ll see you back here next week.

Now get clicking, friends!

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