You Should’ve Called

When the twins had colic and cut their first teeth,
When measles were making the rounds,
When storms and tornadoes cut a swath through our town,
When laundry buried us beneath.

You should’ve called.

When one took her first steps right into my arms,
When they learned to spell and to add.
When one covered the bedroom walls with plaid,
And the other ate only Lucky Charms.

You should’ve called.

When we stayed up late for yet another project at school,
When they were banned from the daddy-daughter ball.
When one took to singing, the other to basketball,
And both went to detention for breaking rules.

You should’ve called.

Term papers, braces, learning to drive,
First dates, heartbreaks, and prom.
Completing college applications with aplomb.
The pride of seeing them both thrive.

Moving away, new studies, and the oddest of roommates,
Learning how to manage their time.
Then living off campus and tackling their own grime,
And choosing a career they didn’t hate.

You should’ve called.

Together we handled every crisis, every joy.
It wasn’t always pretty or easy.
So don’t fault me for admitting I’m feeling uneasy
And questioning your intent to destroy.

You see, you didn’t call.

You sit in judgment and call me hard,
Turn up your little snub nose.
You’ll never understand the path I chose,
Nor know the love in our back yard.

Because you didn’t call.

At first I tried to make excuses for you,
But reasons sounded flimsy at best.
And eventually I came to give it a rest
When I realized the twins knew the truth.

It bears repeating, I think.
You should’ve called.

What is it about Spring?

It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! ~Mark Twain

Some parts of the country are already well into Spring, but the changing of the seasons comes later to those of us living in Central Illinois.

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Speckled Puppy

Trying to get home perhaps
Perhaps looking to get away
Away from abuse or too much love
Love that fattened a speckled puppy
Puppy with a brown leather leash
Leash that once meant long walks
Walks turn into frantic scrambling
Scrambling to find a way back home
Home before day turns into night.

Note: Driving home from Good Friday services, I caught sight of a small brown and white dog, perhaps a setter, trying to squeeze its pudgy self beneath a wire fence beside the interstate.

A long leash was attached to its collar. There were no houses nearby; just a gas station.

Part of me wanted to stop and help. To find the little guy’s owner, certain that some poor youngster would be missing her BFF and spending the night in tears.

The other part won out. I didn’t know if the dog was rabid, if it had left a situation worse than running along the highway, or if it knew exactly where it was and intended to get home in due time.

Don’t you think that people who take on the responsibility of a pet should care for it better??

P.S. This poetry form is called Chain Verse (and no, I didn’t know it either, before I did some proper research!!)

P.S. 2. Happy Easter to all my wonderful online friends!!