Write On — Random thoughts about life and writing from a new writer.

Any Shiny Thing — A blog for smart women of a certain age.

Stuff Southern People Like — Dixie delicacies and doo-dads.

My Odd Family — Odd loves company.

JannaT Writes — Thoughts from a writer.

The Water Witch’s Daughter — Poetry, thoughts, photos.

Monica’s Tangled Web — Keen observations and ironic musings.

Hippie Cahier. Peace. Love. Hyperbole.

One Sister’s Rant — Bella and Roxy.

These are Days — Terri talks about her life.

Being Ron — Ron shares humor, product reviews, photography, natural healing, and more.

X-Pat Files from Overseas– Inspiring courage, breaking barriers, creating connections.

BlurtBlog — Words that just have to come out.

Change is Hard — Dawn and her princess Sheltie.

Inside the Irish

Help! I Need a Publisher! — Advice to writers with talent and determination.

Word play — Helping writers become authors.

WordPress Blog

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