And the Winner Is…

Darling Doggie and I thank everybody for playing along on our little “Name the Sheltie” contest.

We got LOTS of guesses — ranging from Irish names like “Seamus” and “Knute,” to cute names like “Fluffy” and “Silky.” From “girly” names like “Honey-Bear” and “Shannon” and “Flossy” to cats’ names like “Socks” and “Rusty.”

However, NO ONE guessed accurately. And here, I thought I’d given you too many clues!

So, Darling Doggie supervised while I wrote everybody’s name on a slip of paper (sorry, but only one slip per person — more guesses didn’t earn you additional chances, this isn’t a county fair or a church picnic!). Then I took those slips of paper and dropped them into a plastic cup. I swirled them around and around, but figured that wasn’t quite sufficient, so I took an identical plastic cup and sashayed them back and forth until they were good and mixed up.

Only then did I close my eyes, reach in, and pull out one slip.

One name. Belonging to one person.

Are you eager to find out who it was?

Or is the identity of Darling Doggie more pressing?

Bet you’d all have a fit if I refused to tell you either the winner or the Sheltie’s name, wouldn’t you??

Okay, enough suspense.

The person whose name I drew from the cup — winner of my hand-beaded chandelier earrings — is none other than Katybeth!

Congratulations, my friend!

I swear I didn’t rig it, just because it was her idea in the first place.

Katybeth, if you’ll e-mail me (ole miss debbie at gmail dot com — minus the spaces, of course), I’ll package these babies up and send them right to you.

And now for the “reveal” — Darling Doggie, the Sheltie, is named “Dallas.”

Big D. Lone Star. A stone’s throw from where Domer was born 21 years ago.

I told you the Sheltie was a “big boy,” didn’t I? And that he was the lone male in a litter of three?

And if you’d really been observant, you’d have noticed that w-a-a-a-y back in my blogging history, I mentioned his name. Hover your mouse cursor over the photos, and you’ll see I’m right.

And I know I’ve mentioned that I worked in Texas before moving back to Illinois.

So you see? The clues were there all along!

24 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  1. DALLAS??? I went back to October of 2009. I read months of posts. I cursed over pictures. I listened for clues….Wait..I won? Really? Me???? I won? WOW. I am so excited. Dallas is a lovely Sheltie name. I was born in Texas. How exciting!! I love those earrings so much! Thank you. Wow. I won. I waited all day to find out his name!! Thank you!!

    • Congrats, you really DID win! Dallas thanks you for the idea, and for playing along — he had a blast with it! Somehow, it seems fitting that a native Texan wins the prize. Let me know where to ship the earrings — I’m going to check with the post office to determine the best way to get them to you, without having them “man-handled”!!

  2. Now all I can think of is Stella Dallas! LOL

    It’s a great name and it was a fun contest. My cousins just got a new dog and they named him Jack. I’m going to give them the business and tell them at least they could name him for their town. Don’t you think “KC” would be a good doggie name?

    • Actually, I happen to know of a person with an Australian Cattle Dog whose name is KC, so yes, that’s a perfect doggie name! Dallas and I thank you for playing our little game — he’s kind of enjoying the popularity, the big ham!!

    • Thank you for playing along, Janna. Dallas got a kick out of this whole experience. I’m afraid he’s starting to get a “big head,” though; he seems to think now that he’s “famous,” he can get away with mischief! As I type this, he’s outside terrorizing some poor squirrel, ha!

  3. I think you did mention his name in the past…the only reason I remember is because when I saw it I remembered someone I worked with many years ago and thought your dog was much better looking than the Dallas I knew, lol!

    • I believe he does! I wanted to dress him up in cowboy hat and bandana for Halloween, but he tells me in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t do dress-up. Ah, well, what can I say? He wins another round!

  4. Debbie – I would never have guessed Dallas. And you’re right, after your re-cap, you did have clues there. I’m just not a super sleuth. Congrats to the winner.

  5. A chance to win chandelier earrings and I didn’t participate! Oh, I want to cry! Curse the ill health that has kept me from the Internet these past two weeks! ha! Debbie, Dallas is so fitting of this regal Sheltie of yours! I love it! I’m playing catch up with your blog. Please bear with me, my friend. In the meantime, Happy Halloween! 🙂

    • Poor Bella, I was wondering why I hadn’t heard much from you of late. I’m sorry to learn you’ve been under the weather, and I hope you’ll be back to being fabulous real soon Hugs!

    • Thanks, Dawn. It does fit him — he’s big and bold and independent, just like Dallas. I’m glad he decided he wanted his name revealed because he’s tickled that everybody seems to like it!

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