Dog on the Run

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. ~Khalil Gibran, Lebanese-American poet, writer

Dallas here.

Well, not here, exactly.

More like on the lam. Fled the scene.


And to think this week started out so good.

On Sunday, Mama conducted an Easter Egg hunt.

All. For. Me.

She took tiny dog treats, tucked them inside plastic eggs, and hid them around the house while I was outside. When she brought me in and told me to find them, I was soo surprised!

C'mon, Mama, you know I can't stretch that far

C’mon, Mama, you know I can’t stretch that far

Anyway, she hid them three times just for me — and I was hoping this fun game was something we could do together from now on. Every day.

I was wrong.

Shortly thereafter, Mama said I looked “scruffy” and “unkempt,” and she hauled me off to the groomer’s.

Does that picture of me look “scruffy”? Do I really look like a “ragamuffin”?

Uh-uh, I didn’t think so either.

Besides, the groomer’s isn’t a place a dog like me enjoys. There are far too many cats who insist on rubbing me. Far too many dogs barking. A clanging phone and a TV that’s never off.

Baths and brushing are okay, but my groomer needs glasses. Look what she did to my toesies:

Mama, how could you let her hurt me? She clipped my nails too short and made me bleed

Mama, how could you let her hurt me? This is my blood!

Now you know why I’ve had it. I’m done. Outta here.

No more pain. No more misery.

Definitely no more grooming.

Mama, you should be ashamed. You could have groomed me yourself. You never nick the quick.

Nor would you act all unconcerned if you ever did hurt me. Humph!

I guess you’d like to see my last photo before I bailed, right? Well, here:

It shouldn't hurt so much to be beautiful

It shouldn’t hurt so much to be beautiful

So now that I’m AWOL, I have to ask again — any of Mama’s blogging buddies who’d like to adopt me? I’m housebroken, give lots of love, not finicky with my food, and ride real good in the car.

I’m a bit “scruffy,” but beauty’s more than skin-deep.


P.S. April Fool!! I, Dallas, am NOT for sale. Nor am I wandering aimlessly around the countryside in search of another home. I love my mama. She’s my world, and I’d never leave her!

34 thoughts on “Dog on the Run

  1. Oh, my gosh. I’d forgotten about April Fool’s Day. I’m glad to have been reminded — I’ll be a little more cautious through the day, now. I assume that Dallas is fine, despite the shed blood. That mani-pedi routine can be dangerous.

    • Glad we didn’t fool you, Linda! Still, be careful out there. I remember wishing April Fool’s Day would fall on the weekend so I wouldn’t have to go to school and witness the tormenting, ha! Yes, Dallas is okay. Nursing a bit of snit, thanks to the indignities of being wounded, of course, but as his breeder reminded me, “His paw is a long way from his heart, and he won’t bleed to death.” She’s real sympathetic, too…unlike Mama, who can be counted on to fawn all over the furry dear!!

  2. Awe, Dallas is such a good looking little dude! Wylie needs her spring do…not sure how she’s going to feel about it.

    • Let’s hope Wylie doesn’t suffer wounding at the hands of her groomer, Suzi. I imagine stuff like that makes them a little gun-shy, don’t you think?!

      • We’ve had good experiences thus far with the exception of a small razor burn. We used to do her ourselves, but it only took two years to blow up the motor in the clippers, ha! It took a long time with one of us using scissors and the other clippers. She is really good while being groomed though, seems to like all of the attention. However, she doesn’t like her feet messed with as it tickles her paw pads.

        • Dallas usually falls asleep while I’m grooming him, but it takes a few hours to get him just right. And he’s past the point where I can easily hoist him into the bathtub to get him squeaky clean!!

  3. We are shocked, Dallas, to see what that terrible person (the groomer, not your Mama) did to you! However, we feel we have to say that perhaps if you groomed yourself more, like we do, you wouldn’t have to submit to these indignities. Although coughing up hairballs can be rather undignified too…

    Love, Tommy and Tuppence

    • Tommy and Tuppence, what clever kitties you two are! Yes, self-grooming would be one answer. Actually, Shelties are pretty good at that sort of thing; however, annually, when their coats “blow”, they need a bit of help. If someone hadn’t gotten so hefty over the winter months, his mama could pick him up and do it herself, but she values her back! I’ve never really seen a hairball — is it as nasty as I’m imagining it to be??

      • We don’t mind them so much, because we get to make a really horrible choking sound and it’s fun to watch our servant worry if we’re going to choke to death or not. And we think they look OK too – but our servant is such a fusspot. She thinks they’re revolting! You just can’t get decent staff these days, Dallas!

        • Ack, I know that awful choking/hacking sound, and I’m with you, FF, it’s not pleasant. At all. Of course, far worse is when something actually comes up — and with Dallas, I can count on it being on a rug. Why cough up something disgusting on the floor, where it can be so easily cleaned??

  4. Okay, so I was ready for this… I’ve just had three jokes played on me and I’m proud to say I only fell for the first! Because of course Dallas isn’t going anywhere! He’d be a fool and he knows it. Though I do hope he didn’t tip for that wretched mani/pedi!

    • Look at you, being all up on this joking day! And you’re 100% correct…Dallas isn’t even thinking about leaving. He knows who feeds him, who takes him on fun outings, and who can be counted on to dish out plenty of tea and sympathy in times like this! And you know, I never even thought NOT to tip for this procedure — truth be told, I was afraid if I didn’t, he might come away next time without his tail!!

  5. Cute and every time I see that face, I want to run out and get a dog. Maybe, someday. In the meantime I will thoroughly enjoy the exploits of that darling Dallas.

    • Aw, gee, Pat, thanks! He is a doll, and he’s provided so much comfort and enjoyment since his arrival. Yes, dogs do tie you down, though Dallas is a supreme traveler and handles long car rides better than most people I know.

  6. You had me worried there, Dallas! I know your Mama would NEVER give you up and I’m relieved to know you are safe and sound at home!

    • Thanks, Tee. Yes, I don’t imagine I could run him off — he knows which side his bread is buttered on! Although he’d prefer shifting the grooming chore to his mama, rather than farming it out. Say, maybe he’s just taking notes from Domer, who refuses to pay for something he can do himself!!

  7. HAHAHAHA! Dallas, you TOTALLY got me on this post! But just for the record, anytime you want to take a vacation and spend some time in the Northeast, you are more than welcome to stay with me. However, you are SO DANG CUTE, I don’t think I’d let you leave.

    That final photograph of you is ADORABLE! It makes me wanna just kiss your sweet little face! You have got the most precious eyes!

    Great post, buddy! Tell Mama I said Hi and to have a super weekend!

    X to you both!

    P.S. Hope your paw is all healed.

    • Ron, you are soooo sweet to volunteer to be a home-away-from-home for my darling doggie! I’m just positive you’d spoil him so rotten, I’d never be able to undo the “damage” though, ha!!

      Dallas has his mama’s eyes — that’s what his breeder told me, just the other day when she was here. And she’s totally right. I look into his furry face and I can see his mama. She’s a beauty, but not as furry as her baby boy.

      His paw is pretty much healed, as evidenced by his romping through the yard, chasing whatever moves! I tell you, it was rough there for a day or so. I checked with his vet, who offered antibiotics, but why put him on something strong for a wound that should heal in 24 hours??

      Hope your weekend is lovely and you don’t get any more snow to rob the trees of their blossoms (though I imagine you’d like a few flakes, huh??) xoxo

  8. Very clever! But no way–not in a million years. Sorry about the toe nail nick. That is never fun but it does happen sometimes to the best of us, However, even know it is a long way from his heart, it hurts a mama’s heart (and mine if I inflect the nick) and should always be treated with a special treat and some TLC! I played a tacky April Fools joke on my camp-run-a-pup FB group and felt foolish when they greeted my lack of class with text messages offering to sign up. Fortunately, not everyone fell for it! You can read it here –
    Rabbit! Rabbit. It is going to be a wonderful month.

    • Uh, only if there’s food involved! About the only thing I “lose” regularly is the phone, and it’s much easier simply to call it from another number and follow the ringtone!!

  9. (Did my comment disappear? It should be above the P.S. —Well if it did here is what I said…I have taken to copying my comments before submitting, in case something goes awry–which has happened to me once to often 😀 )
    Very clever! But no way–not in a million years would Dallas up and leave! Sorry about the toe nail nick. That is never fun but it does happen sometimes to the best of us, However, even know it is a long way from his heart, it hurts a mama’s heart (and mine if I inflect the nick) and should always be treated with a special treat and some TLC!
    I played a tacky April Fools joke on my camp-run-a-pup FB group and felt foolish when they greeted my lack of class with text messages offering to sign up. Fortunately, not everyone fell for it! You can read it here –
    Rabbit! Rabbit. It is going to be a wonderful month.

    • What a clever idea, and yes, I’m certain more than a few should have fallen for it! Nothing like begging from friends, right?! Glad you didn’t fall for Dallas’s sad runaway story. His paw has healed nicely, but I refuse to delete the wounded photo — a reminder now and then of what can go awry when not fully engaged with the grooming process. And of course, he was definitely treated with LOTS and LOTS of love and cookies to ease the hurt!!

    • Poor Oscar. You know dogs can’t tell time, Audrey. Perhaps you could dig out some plastic eggs for him to hunt since he doesn’t know it’s past Easter?? It’s almost just as much fun for me as it is for Dallas!

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