Seasonal Cold

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.  ~Irish Proverb

Dallas here.

‘Tis hard for a doggin to get a good sleep around here these days.

Mama, you see, has gone and got herself a cold.

It started, so I overheard her say, last week, when she went to some sort of theater performance.

Well, what did she expect?

Taking off work in the middle of the week. Running around in the icy cold — without a hat, no less. Hanging with the lady who owns my fur mama (yes, I smelled her!)

Oh, Mama was all happy and stuff when she got back home. Singing Christmas carols, tapping her toes to the music in her head.

But my fur mama’s lady had a cold, and she passed it along to Mama.

Kind of like handing her a Christmas present, without the oohs and aahs.

Now Mama’s nose is all stopped up and runny at the same time. I’m not sure what that feels like — we dogs don’t get nose problems usually.

And Mama’s eyes are watery. Probably like the crying thing humans do when they watch sad movies.

And every so often, Mama explodes. She calls it sneezing, but I’m telling you, it’s akin to somebody beating a drum just after you’ve dropped off to the Land of Nod.

If I were the sick one, Mama would haul me to the vet for some medicine. But will she take herself to a doctor?

No, she will not.

She says she doesn’t believe in drugs. Says she gets bad reactions from them. Things like hives and stomach upsets.

So she’s trying to go it alone. Getting more rest (thankfully, she doesn’t sneeze then!). Drinking gallons of water and hot tea. Using up entire boxes of tissues. Complaining about feeling rotten.

We can only hope she’s well when The Kid comes home for Christmas!


There had better be something under that tree for me, Mama

Happy Christmas to all, and thank you for being our friends! We’re taking a few days off but will be back before you can miss us!

31 thoughts on “Seasonal Cold

  1. Hey, Dallas! How lovely to hear from you! Good to hear that you are taking good care of your Mama whilst she is so poorly (that’s British for sick!) Lots of us humans get colds this time of year – I suppose it is because we don’t have any fur to protect us from the cold. I hope she feels much better soon, I am sure you will be looking after her. I hope you and all your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Dallas – I look forward to hearing more from you in 2017! 😀

    • Well, Miss Lucy, I suppose you make a good point about humans not having fur and catching colds. That’s probably what happened in Mama’s case. I know going outside without a hat at this time of year can’t be good for her! I’ve pass along your sympathy and continue trying to take care of her. Happy Christmas to you, Terry, and Mr. Paul, too!

  2. If Santa’s the good guy he’s said to be, he’ll be sure a nice, complete cure arrives at your house. If you’re lucky, he’ll even make an unscheduled stop before Christmas Eve, just so everyone can enjoy the holiday! I’ll send him a letter, just in case he’s missed this emergency!

    • Miss Linda, thanks for nudging Santa for me. I understand he appeared at our mall, but they won’t let doggins in to see him. Stupid rule, don’t you think?? Anyway, a complete cure would be most welcome — for me, for sure! I’m passing along your good wishes to Mama, and she tells me to be sure and wish you and Miss Dixie a most happy Christmas!

  3. Colds are awful and kitties don’t like the sneeze explosions either. Hope she is better in time for Christmas. As for gifts, I’m sure you weren’t forgotten, but there’s always the ornaments and scratching the paper off the gifts… oh wait, that’s what cats do… you’re a good boy and wouldn’t dream of doing that 🙂

    • Ma’am, your kitties have waaaay more fun at this time of year than I do. No fair!!! I’d never even thought to swat at the ornaments on the tree or tear the wrappings off the presents. Now you’ve given me a wonderful idea, especially if Mama doesn’t get rid of this cold soon. On second thought, Santa Paws might be watching, so I’d better behave, huh? Happy Christmas to you and yours!

    • Miss Suzi, Mama said to tell you thanks for the good wishes. She’s still under the weather, but at least the snow has gone away — and we probably won’t see a white Christmas after all. That should make her better, don’t you think?? Happy Christmas to you, Dirt Man, Wylie, and the clan!

  4. Hang in there, Dallas. I was so sorry to hear that your mama has a cold…it’s like that for us humans sometimes. I love the Irish proverb, I’m rather fond of bed rest. That’s a lovely tree, and I’ll sure bet there is something for you under there! Tell Mama, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year for me. I’m very glad she is one of my blogging friends!

    • Miss Lana, you’re a gal after my own heart — I, too, am fond of bed rest (though a nice cold floor is my preferred spot!) Mama’s started coughing now — almost as bad as that sneezing stuff — and worst of all, I overheard her talking to The Kid (Domer) last night, and he, too, has this cold. Now I’m going to be playing nurse to TWO patients. Sigh. Good thing I’m a herding dog and enjoy rounding things up! Happy Christmas to you and yours, and I’m glad you and Mama are blogging buddies!

  5. Hahahaha, Dallas! We hate it when our servant does that sneezing thing too! Don’t these humans realise how important undisturbed rest is to us superior beings?? Tell your mama we hope she gets better soon (and so does our servant). Especially since she might still have all your presents to wrap!!

    Merry Christmas,
    Love, T&T

    • Tommy and Tuppence, I do believe Mama has wrapped everything; however, I’m keeping my paws crossed that Santa Paws will bring me something special! Mama seems to be on the mend, though she had to spend the night sitting up — every time she put her head on the pillow, her nose plugged up. Must be hard being a human!! Happy Christmas to you both (and your servant as well!) Hugs!

  6. Hellooooooo there Dallas! Thanks so much for the update, I LOVE when you post! You crack me up with your clever and very funny humor!

    Please tell Mama that I hope she’s feeling in tip-top shape soon and that she’s all better by Christmas day! Having a cold is no fun 😦

    Oh, and I LOVE your Christmas tree, it’s soooooooooooooo beautiful! The angel on top is so sweet! And wow, those are a lot of presents under that tree. I hope there’s a few for you!

    Wishing you, Mama, and Domer a VERY Happy and Merry Christmas!

    Cheers and Love!

    • Mr. Ron, you are one COOL dude!! Glad you like the tree. I made sure Mama and The Kid did it up right this year. We always have an angel on top. Some folks prefer a star, but an angel is tradition here.

      After all the NOISE I’ve had to put up with from Mama’s cold, you bet there’d better be presents under there for me! And cookies, too. I love cookies!

      I’ll pass along your good wishes. Mama seems somewhat better. The pharmacy told her to take Allegra-D for her nose, but she got the shakes so bad from the Sudafed that she had to quit it. Poor thing just doesn’t do medicines well!!

      Happy Christmas to you and yours — licky kisses, too!

    • Hey, Miss Kb. Mama’s all better now, thank goodness, and it’s soooo much easier to sleep without all that honking and stuff. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  7. Hope your mama is feeling better by now Dallas. If not I think you should insist she go to the doctor. If she IS feeling better I hope you had a great Christmas and that there was something special for you under that beautiful tree.

    • Mama is MUCH better now, Miss Dawn. No doctors for her! I had several presents under the tree (as I guess Princess Katie did!) so we had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  8. Oh I’ve been away for quite a while now, it seems. So, so sadly, my mother passed away just before Christmas and then oh so joyously, I find myself presently in Virginia with a brand new (2 day old) new granddaughter – my daughter’s first. I feel I’ve been sitting right at the edge of eternity at both ends of life. It’s been precious and poignant and I’m barely getting to where I can write and communicate again. What a joy this new baby brings and how blessed is my mother’s memory. So – I hope your Christmas holiday was very nice with your son home and your cold gone. Happiest of New Year wishes to you, my blogging friend.

    • Barb, you have my deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother. My own mom is getting on in years, and I’m for sure dreading her passing. The death of a parent leaves one without the support of an entire generation. But of how glad I am to hear of your new grandbaby!! Now that’s cause for joy! I hope your holidays were splendid, and I look forward to catching up with you soon.

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