Sheltie beautification

OK, don’t all jump on me at once, but I finally broke down and hauled my Sheltie to a professional groomer.

I know what I said (Nov. 10, 2009) about doing the grooming myself. It still holds true.

However, I found myself in an unforeseen situation and needed a “lifeline.”

You see, the dog I was “boarding” for my friend had a rather maddening habit of yanking on my dog’s ruff, slobbering on his furs, and making him less than presentable. She went home on Friday, the day I was planning on leaving for South Bend to pick up My Favorite Domer. I wanted my dog to be at his prettiest when MFD came home, but I didn’t have time to groom.

For less than the price of a pair of jeans, I had my fur-kid shampoo’ed, blow-dried, nails trimmed, anal glands expressed, etc.

It was worth it.

When I arrived at the groomers’, my Sheltie was in a clear-enclosed “box,” with a strong drier blowing out his furs. He’d already been bathed and trimmed, and his heavy undercoat had been helped out.

He was sweet-smelling, and the white portions of his markings fairly glistened.

Of course, I still need to take my thinning shears and even him up a bit, but that’s a task I don’t mind. I’ve learned how to do it, it doesn’t take long, and I want him to remember who’s his primary groomer!

Now all I need is for his nails to grow out a bit. I purchased one of those battery-operated dog-nail filers, and I’m eager to give it a spin (get it? ha!)

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