Poet’s Page

(Note: I’m not a poet; I’m a fiction writer. However, sometimes only a poem can express what’s on our minds or in our hearts. Thus, this page. Yes, it, too, is copyrighted. And thanks ever so much for reading!)

A Squirrel’s Journey (original poem with pictures, published June 28, 2012, by Debbie)

Love in the Afternoon (original poem, published Jan. 1, 2015, by Debbie)

No Regrets (original poem, published Jan. 7, 2015, by Debbie)

One Last Goodbye (original poem, published Jan. 14, 2015, by Debbie)

Tempest (original poem, published Jan. 29, 2015, by Debbie)

Soon a Memory (original poem, published Feb. 4, 2015, by Debbie)

Only Child (original poem, published Feb. 22, 2015, by Debbie)

Writing (original poem, published March 10, 2015, by Debbie)

Do Something (original poem, published March 22, 2015, by Debbie)

Speckled Puppy (original poem, published April 4, 2015, by Debbie)

Finding Shelter (original poem, published April 11, 2015, by Debbie)

You Should’ve Called (original poem, published May 3, 2015, by Debbie)

Swirling Clouds (original poem, published May 26, 2015, by Debbie)

Ostentatious Display (original poem, published June 5, 2015, by Debbie)

She’s Somebody’s Grandma (original poem, published June 30, 2015, by Debbie)

Rain and More Rain (original poem, published July 10, 2015, by Debbie)

Finding Tranquility (original poem, published July 21, 2015, by Debbie)

The Queen (original poem, published Aug. 3, 2015, by Debbie)

Love or Hate Reunions? (original poem, published Aug. 16, 2015, by Debbie)

Determination (original poem, published Sept. 3, 2015, by Debbie)

Watch Your Words (original poem, published Sept. 19, 2015, by Debbie)

Pick That Trash Up! (original poem, published Oct. 4, 2015, by Debbie)

Dazzling Golden Beauty (original poem, published Oct. 24, 2015, by Debbie)

Baby Toad (original poem, published Nov. 15, 2015, by Debbie)

Drama in the Family (original poem, published Nov. 24, 2015, by Debbie)

Missing You (original poem, published Dec. 2, 2015, by Debbie)

A Quiet Snack (original poem, published Dec. 20, 2015, by Debbie)

Perseverance (original poem, published Jan. 17, 2016, by Debbie)

Finally…Some Melting (original poem, published Jan. 24, 2016, by Debbie)

Just Passin’ Through (original poem, published Feb. 19, 2016, by Debbie)

Gotcha, Goose! (original poem, published March 10, 2016, by Debbie)

Gliding Together (original poem, published March 22, 2016, by Debbie)

Flower? Or Weed? (original poem, published April 5, 2016, by Debbie)

On Blooming…and Planting (original poem, published April 17, 2016, by Debbie)

Dangers of Glass (original poem, published May 11, 2016, by Debbie)

Like Rabbits (original poem, published June 12, 2016, by Debbie)

Sticky Business (original poem, published June 21, 2016, by Debbie)

Hope (original poem, published July 17, 2016, by Debbie)

Just Peachy (original poem, published Aug. 10, 2016, by Debbie)

Jawbreaker Sky (original poem, published Aug. 24, 2016, by Debbie)

A Sports Fan’s Lament (original poem, published Sept. 15, 2016, by Debbie)

Weathering the Years (original poem, published Oct. 26, 2016, by Debbie)

Election Day 2016 (original poem, published Nov. 8, 2016, by Debbie)

Contented Vagabond (original poem, published Dec. 8, 2016, by Debbie)

Ministering Angel (original poem, published March 1, 2017, by Debbie)

NOW it’s Spring (original poem, published April 10, 2017, by Debbie)

Nature’s Splendor (original poem, published May 9, 2017, by Debbie)

Don’t Leave Me (original poem, published June 10, 2017, by Debbie)

On Forgiveness (original poem, published July 17, 2017, by Debbie)

The Sky (original poem, published Aug. 21, 2017, by Debbie)

Hurricane Thoughts (original poem, published Aug. 27, 2017, by Debbie)

Love … or Not (original poem, published Sept. 15, 2017, by Debbie)

Wednesday Limerick (original poem, published Oct. 11, 2017, by Debbie)

Thanksgiving 2017 (original poem, published Nov. 20, 2017, by Debbie)

Discouraged, Not Defeated (original poem, published April 16, 2018, by Debbie)

R and R for the Soul (original poem, published June 28, 2018, by Debbie)

Another Loss (original poem, published July 22, 2018, by Debbie)

Extending Mercy (original poem, published Aug. 27, 2018, by Debbie)

We Remember (original poem, published Sept. 11, 2018, by Debbie)

One More Down (original poem, published Oct. 4, 2018, by Debbie)

Clothes Make the Man (original poem, published Dec. 30, 2018, by Debbie)

Waiting and Watching (original poem, published Jan. 20, 2019, by Debbie)

A Feathered Chorus (original poem, published Feb. 17, 2019, by Debbie)

Avoiding Confrontation (original poem, published April 8, 2019, by Debbie)

Love is on the Ground (original poem, published April 11, 2019, by Debbie)

Easter Joy (original poem, published April 21, 2019, by Debbie)

Delighting the Senses (original poem, published May 5, 2019, by Debbie)

A June Wedding (original poem, published June 9, 2019, by Debbie)

Unwelcome Guest (original poem, published July 8, 2019, by Debbie)

Filling the Eye (original poem, published Aug. 4, 2019, by Debbie)

Signs of Fall (original poem, published Sept. 18, 2019, by Debbie)

Get Up!! (original poem, published Jan. 26, 2020, by Debbie)

Not Crazy — Just Grieving (original poem, published March 9, 2020, by Debbie)

Pandemic Limericks (original poem, published March 26, 2020, by Debbie)

Trying to Heal (original poem, published April 5, 2020, by Debbie)

Overcoming Adversity (original poem, published May 5, 2020, by Debbie)

And the Rain Falls (original poem, published May 21, 2020, by Debbie)

Time for a Break (original poem, published June 21, 2020, by Debbie)

Wolf in Sheep’s Skin (original poem, published July 12, 2020, by Debbie)

Hot Stuff (original poem, published Aug. 8, 2020, by Debbie)

Growing a Novel (original poem, published Aug. 23, 2020, by Debbie)

Something Different (original poem, published Sept. 17, 2020, by Debbie)

Fairy Tale Love (original poem, published Oct. 18, 2020, by Debbie)

Happy B-day, Mom (original poem, published Oct. 28, 2020, by Debbie)

Nearly Wordless Wednesday (original poem, published Nov. 4, 2020, by Debbie)

Cycle of Life (original poem, published Nov. 15, 2020, by Debbie)

Standing Out (original poem, published Nov. 22, 2020, by Debbie)

Hungry Hawk (original poem, published Dec. 13, 2020, by Debbie)

This Christmas (original poem, published Dec. 22, 2020, by Debbie)

A Fresh Start (original poem, published Jan. 3, 2021, by Debbie)

Squirrel, Napping (original poem, published March 29, 2021, by Debbie)

Happy Mother’s Day (original poem, published May 9, 2021, by Debbie)

Miraculous Beauty (original poem, published July 11, 2021, by Debbie)

Writing Drought (original poem, published Aug. 25, 2021, by Debbie)

Deserted (original poem, published Sept. 28, 2021, by Debbie)

Delicate Strength (original poem, published Oct. 11, 2021, by Debbie)

Snack Time (original poem, published Nov. 16, 2021, by Debbie)

Milestones (original poem, published Jan. 7, 2022, by Debbie)

Memories of Dallas (original poem, published March 2, 2022, by Debbie)

Monkey’s First Poem (original poem, published March 28, 2022, by Debbie)

Fighting Families (original poem, published May 20, 2022, by Debbie)

Standing Out (original poem, published July 7, 2022, by Debbie)

Busy as a Bee (original poem, published July 24, 2022, by Debbie)

Butterfly of Happiness (original poem, published Aug. 8, 2022, by Debbie)

Birds on a Line (original poem, published Aug. 29, 2022, by Debbie)

Who Named These Things? (original poem, published Sept. 15, 2022, by Debbie)