Where would we be without friends?

One of my writing friends from Cincy suggested I try something called a neti (or netti) pot for my sinuses.

Having never heard of such a thing, I was skeptical. I mean, I use “ocean spray” or saline on a daily basis, as recommended by my doctor, but a neti pot?

Visions of the hookah pipe scene from “Star Wars” flashed before my mind, and I could imagine how everybody in my small town would carry tales if they heard I was into something like that!

But Kathy doesn’t seem the type for extreme weirdness; in fact, she’s a nurse. Never one to leap before looking, I did a bit of research on neti pots and learned nasal cleansing originated thousands of years ago in India.

Wow, I thought, they must be safe, or I’d have read of somebody dying after using one.

Unless there’s a mass neti pot conspiracy, which I doubt!

According to WebMD, research shows neti pots really do work to thin mucus from the nasal passages. And users all over the Web swear by them as a way to lessen congestion and sinus pain.

But how hard is it to learn how to use one?

It’s actually fairly simple. You mix some specially-made neti pot salt with lukewarm tap water. Then you place the end of the neti pot into your upper nostril, lean over your sink, and let the saline flow out the lower one. Repeat on the other side, turning your head in the opposite direction.

Hmm, I could do that.

But where could I find this “miraculous” contraption?

Back to the Internet, which listed a whole bunch of places, including some drug stores we have right here in town!

I went to my Walgreen’s, bought a neti pot (which looks kind of like Aladdin’s lamp), and gave it a try.

Wonder of wonders, it worked!

I can breathe from both nostrils again!


Remember, you’re never too old to learn a new trick — thanks, Kathy!

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