I think Procrastination is one of a writer’s biggest banes!

Take the first three days of this week, for example.

I had every intention of getting to my computer early, making some insightful revisions to my opus-in-progress, and coming away feeling — well, if nothing else, satisfied that the day hadn’t been for naught.

But did I?


On Monday, I “decided” I’d rather play. So I visited all my favorite blogs (hang in there, guys — you’re doing great!), played lots of mindless games (like Mahjong and Who wants to be a Millionaire), caught up with LOLCats and Sporkle, e-mailed everybody I could think of, cleaned out my e-mail boxes when that was done, etc. Now in my defense, I did do a bit of Web Design work and talked to a few clients, but writing — no.

Tuesday rolls around and again my best intentions went by the wayside. I sorted through some stuff and filed papers that had stacked up on my desk, did a bit of research for one of my Web Design clients, played with a new Web Design program, and started gathering stuff for my accountant to prepare my taxes. All of this was necessary, but did I write? No.

By Wednesday, I was feeling ever so guilty at neglecting my writing that I had to sneak off and go shopping! I told myself that the work still would be there when I returned and it was — only then, I couldn’t string sentences together coherently. My Muse must have decided to go shopping, too!

So what does that leave me? Three “wasted” days. Three days when I should have been writing (or at least revising). Three days that, no matter how hard I try, I’ll never get back again.


Today I’m “easing” back into my writing by posting this blog and catching up on correspondence. I’m absolving myself from stealing a mini-vacation from my writing and resolving to focus intently on the work at hand, now that the cobwebs have cleared from my brain.

I’m accepting my humanity and excusing myself with James Norman Hall’s philosophy, “Loafing is the most productive part of a writer’s life.”

Any thoughts you’d like to share on beating procrastination?

5 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Procrastination is one of those inevitable things. Still, sometimes it serves a purpose. If you are avoiding something there might be a reason. Or, sometimes you just need to pick yourself up and give yourself a good talking to and get on with it.

  2. Debbie,

    My first reaction is that sometimes I NEED to loaf or be diverted or just plain stop thinking about know muse a bit to recharge my writer’s batteries.. I find that my creativity comes in bursts, but then I do not have my book published YET..I guess it’s all about balance which I’m still working on!

  3. You’re right — however, I’ve found that if I loaf too much (and who can tell how much is TOO much??), I end up basically “starting from scratch”. Wonder why that is? I mean, if I don’t drive my car for a day or two, when I get back behind the wheel, I haven’t forgotten how to drive!

  4. I think it’s because writing is very hard work..wonderful when you can get in the groove but agony when you try to focus and face the hard work (the agony & ecstacy!) .Reminds me of being in school. When I had a big paper due, I would always find other things to do,i.e cleaning the oven, anything to avoid facing what I knew had to get done! You are not alone!

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