Moving out

Apparently, there are a bunch of people — parents and students — in serious need of a Physics class these days.

I just got back from picking up My Favorite Domer in South Bend after the end of his First Year of Studies.

To call Moving-Out Day “interesting” would be a gross understatement.

I found I had to laugh or cry. Only an extreme emotion would work for something like this.

First, the weather (typically!) refused to cooperate. PermaCloud hovered overhead as a cold front neared. By mid-afternoon, the wind had kicked up and torrential rains produced huge puddles and spongy ground.

In between the showers, I watched parents and students load up their stuff:

  • Somebody was trying to squeeze an overstuffed, full-sized sofa into the back of an SUV (didn’t they measure??)
  • Somebody rolled three TVs out on a cart and put ’em in one vehicle (who can watch 3 TVs at once?)
  • Somebody wrestled one of those plastic carts with pullout shelves into the bed of a truck
  • Somebody hauled out two sets of golf clubs; another had two hockey sticks
  • Somebody maneuvered a futon into an SUV (what were they thinking?)
  • Somebody bear-hugged a refrigerator all the way out to his car; others hauled armloads of clothing, wheeled executive desk chairs, or hoisted more shelving into trunks

No wonder UPS set up shop nearby to capture the overflow!

No wonder the campus had all sorts of containers available for  students to donate to local charities!

No wonder the enterprising youths were “wheeling and dealing” on big-ticket items their comrades couldn’t fit in!

I feel positively impoverished when I recall the amount of “stuff” I took to college, compared to what today’s kids have to have.

Different times, I guess.

But still, even I (who didn’t take Physics) know there’s a finite amount of space in cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. and once that space is filled, the rest of your “crow’s nest” is going to get left behind or shipped home.

Anybody got any tips for how to do this again come Fall Term??