Oh, the joys of getting your car serviced!

Am I just being fussy, or do others hate taking their cars in for service, too?

It doesn’t much matter whether your wait-time is long or short — it’s far from fun.

Here are my pet peeves (how many agree?):

  • Boring choice of reading material. Haven’t the-powers-that-be ever heard that women take their cars in for service, too? How many women do you know who enjoy reading magazines about electronics, mechanics, building trades, etc.?
  • The ever-present blaring TV. Everybody’s afraid to change the channel that’s on when they arrive, or to turn it down; and what’s with the pompous guy who commandeers the remote and acts like he’s in his own den?
  • Cramped quarters. No, I don’t like sitting side-by-side with a perfect stranger!
  • Stuffy air. The place is invariably too hot or too cold, and you can’t find a good fan to save your life.
  • The smells. Yep, I’m talking about what looks like week-old popcorn and day-old coffee. Do they really expect us to make our own food and drinks? If I wanted to wait on people, I’d get a job where at least I’d get paid to do it!

Now what makes the wait particularly irritating are the other customers. You know who I’m talking about:

  • The chatterbox. This is the guy or gal who can’t shut up! They chat with other customers and the salespeople; they haul out their cell phones and give the rest of us a glimpse into their lives that we’d rather not see.
  • Hospital Holly. The person who should have stayed home, in bed. Instead, they drag themselves to the dealership, sigh and moan about their ailments, use half a box of Kleenex, and make sure the rest of us get what they’ve got.
  • Daddy-with-the-kids. Does he really expect any woman waiting for her car to help him babysit? He drags in 3 or 4 toddlers — one at least with a full diaper — then parks himself behind a magazine while the kids run wild through the showroom, leave gooey fingerprints everywhere, cry and scream uncontrollably, or spill juice on the carpet.
  • Miss Thrift. Hear that ripping sound? This one helps herself to coupons from the magazines. Who said those things were free?
  • Office Ollie. He busts out his laptop and proceeds to conduct high-powered business, spreading out dozens of file folders and papers over several surrounding seats. On second thought, he’s probably just trying to avoid having strangers sit next to him!
  • Slick Mick the pickup guy. He thinks any female would be delighted at his attentions and does his darnedest to snag a date for the weekend.

I’m positive there are others. Which ones creep you out?