On being needed too much

You know, there are days when I just wish I could escape!

Maybe to some place like here:

Sunshine on lake

or here:

At the bayou

or here:

A sunny stream

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my family, I love my job, and I genuinely like most of my clients.

But sometimes it seems as if they conspire to need me, all at once! And it’s frustrating, not to mention stressful, trying to be all things to all people.

I cherish my “me time,” when I can write, read, bead, or just loaf. And I haven’t had very much of it lately.

Maybe that’s why I’m cranky.

Probably time for a vacation!

Running my own Web Design business, I have to be the chief cook and bottle-washer. I wear all the hats — receptionist, designer, sales person, public relations specialist, photographer, accountant, billing person, collections person, even janitor. I can’t imagine it any other way.

Serving my client’s design needs, making sure they’re delighted with the job done (and spreading the word to others) is a labor of love for me. Even a “rotten” day (and there have been thankfully few) is better than slaving away in a cubicle for “the man”!

But living in a family doesn’t mean one person has to do everything, does it? What happened to sharing the load?

Somehow, everybody (even the dog!) decided I’m the “point person.” The go-to person. The entertainment committee, food committee, sounding board, and a host of other titles.

It’s nice to be needed — just not that much!

5 thoughts on “On being needed too much

  1. Yes, I agree,Deb. The best way to take care of others is to first take care of ourselves..like they warn us in the airplane,”place the oxygen on yourself before placing it on your child” I would love to join you on those peaceful shores! Kathy

  2. You are SO right, Kathy! Taking care of yourself first is what all the “caretaker” brochures advise — I just wonder if they realize how tough that is, when you’re trying so hard to put others’ needs first as the Bible tells us! It’s one of those two-edged coins, I guess.

  3. Is it 2010? Is this still happening? I keep hearing that distribution of housework / home responsibilities is becoming more equitable between husbands and wives. Not true?

    • I guess it depends on the people involved. Here, I’m having a “pity party,” and I dare anybody to get in the way, ha! And there must be something in the water because I know far too many women who are in the same boat. Sigh ;(

      • I’m seriously going to watch for this. I’m 56 so my peers’ kids are on their own and hubbies, many retired, help more. But I wonder what’s going on with the younger demographic. I’ll keep an eye out and report back! In the meantime, my friend, a nice Riesling…

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