Back to the Books

Have you ever noticed how “Life” sometimes gets in the way of things you’re supposed to be doing — like keeping up a blog?

That’s exactly what’s been going on in my corner of the world.

For the past 13 months (give or take), I’ve been playing chauffeur for my mom. Not because she’s afraid to drive, not because I have time on my hands and enjoy that sort of thing.

No, it’s because she had eye surgery and can’t drive right now.

The ordeal started in September, 2009, when Mom had cataract surgery performed by a local ophthalmologist. Yes, she checked him out beforehand and received rave reviews; the procedure would be a snap, he told her. So much so that she’d be golfing again — or anything else she chose to do — the very next day.


Afterward, her vision was blurry. And time didn’t make it one bit better. Not only has she not even touched a golf club — she’s been unable to read (her passion) or drive; even cooking and walking for exercise are real challenges.

No matter that she religiously inserted the drops and ointments she’d been given. No matter that she was “taxied” (by me) to and from his office every week.

Finally, in desperate fear that her vision was getting even worse, she got a second opinion.

And learned she needed to see a specialist in Indianapolis, who advised her to undergo corneal transplant.

Scary stuff, but it’s wonderful what true professionals can do these days.

That surgery was in mid-September, and my sister (thankfully!) shepherded her through it. But Sis had to go back to her life, leaving me to (once again) taxi Mom to follow-up appointments. And once again, the appointments started off every couple of days, extended to every five days, then weekly, and most recently, two months.

It’s too soon, really, to proclaim the procedure a success, but everybody is guardedly optimistic.

I, too, am beginning to see light at the end of this tunnel. To hope that, once again, Mom will be back to her active self and I can resume my own life.

And even though she’s yet to return to the golf course, Mom is reading again!