Calling all Parakeets — Ready, Aim, Fire!

Oh my gosh! Imagine my surprise at opening today’s newspaper and seeing my picture staring back at me!

Some time ago, our newspaper sent a reporter and photographer to my home office to interview me for a careers feature that runs on a regular basis. Now, I knew they were doing the article, but I’d forgotten which day they said it would appear.

It was today!

Small businesses like mine rarely can afford big-time advertising. We do what we can — phone book, online, etc. — but it’s far too costly to do TV (and even newspaper advertising is out of reach for many).

So to have this much exposure can be a real boost to a business.

It could prove to be overwhelming, too, but I’m not going to think about that. I’m going to enjoy this while it lasts, realizing (as a former newspaper-person myself) that today’s paper too soon becomes tomorrow’s bird cage liner!