Don’t Touch my Feet!

Am I the only woman in the world who doesn’t do mani-pedis??

My sister and my niece actually look forward to the pampering; so do my girlfriends.

But not me.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve cut, filed, and polished my own nails — all 20 of them! — and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

When I was a little girl, one of my grandmothers chided me for having such short fingernails (hers were long and pointy).

‘But Grandmother,’ I protested, ‘I play piano. I’m active in tennis and other sports. I can’t worry about breaking a nail.’

She wasn’t swayed. In fact, I’m pretty sure she thought I hadn’t been raised right.

That, or I was an incorrigible rebel.

Back in the ’80s, a girlfriend convinced me to try fake fingernails, the kind that are already polished and easily glue on to your nails.

Eeeew, what a mess! Yes, they were lovely to look at, but try doing the simplest of tasks with them — things like picking up a coin or dialing a phone or even going to the bathroom!

The most trouble I had doing my own nails came when I was pregnant with my son. Bending over toes proved a challenge indeed with a full baby-on-board, but somehow I managed.

And I continue to manage, despite my crowded schedule, despite reading glasses slipping off my nose, despite my legs having grown even farther from reach.

While I occasionally go without polish on my fingernails, I rarely ever leave my toenails bare, especially in the summer.

Feet in sandals just scream to be pretty, don’t you think?

Yet despite nail salons sprouting on every street corner and in every mall, I’m still holding out. Call me weird, but nobody touches my feet!

8 thoughts on “Don’t Touch my Feet!

  1. I think its wonderful that you manage your own digits. I am far less talented. My mother insists there should be a law against unpainted toenails and unkept feet–so I have my nails and toes down often.
    It’s a little Odd not to enjoy a pedi every once in awhile but if you are happy with your pretty feet that is what really counts. By the way, I did drug (wine) and drag my cousin to my reflexologist who worked magic on her aching feet and she loved it after she stopped giggling–this year when she visits from Florida I am torturing her with a pedi—I know–horrible of me but she is family and if you can not torture family, then who???

    • Good for you, Katybeth! I still don’t think even wine could bring me to endure a pedicure — something about strangers touching my feet — but here’s hoping your cousin appreciates your treat!

  2. I had a pedicure once. I didn’t mind it, but couldn’t see spending all that money when I could do it myself. I don’t paint my nails because I couldn’t keep the polish looking good and I don’t have time to fuss over it.

    My toenails could use more attention (I have ugly feet) but when I’m too lazy to paint the nails, I just wear closed-toe shoes. I know, it’s shocking 😉

    • Not so shocking, Janna. For at least half the year, we here in the Midwest have to wear closed-toe shoes, so it’s not like I live in constant warm weather. I suppose it boils down to what’s important to you and how you choose to spend your time. Fortunately, toenails don’t seem to grow very fast!!

  3. Debbie, I stopped getting manipedis while babysitting my infant granddaughter. No time, etc. Now I’m back and while I hate that it takes time to get it done, I enjoy the outcome. Now if I could only get my husband to get a pedi, but he’s REALLY averse to anyone touching his feet, too. It’s like a phobia.

    • I am SO with your husband, Lynne! I’ve never been able to abide someone other than me touching my feet. Good thing I’m not like that about my teeth, huh?!

  4. Oh, Debbie, I know exactly what you mean. I’m usually squeezing the arms of the chair and stiffening in plank-like position trying to get away at certain points in the pedicure! So why do I endure such torment? I’m with Lynn, I like the outcome. I confess, I do indulge in pedis during sandal season. I really admire you for tackling your own feet. I don’t have the patience for a manicure.

    • Kathy, I think I might be able to tolerate a manicure better than a pedicure! I’ve seen those women (why are they always women??) sitting in comfy chairs, sipping a drink, and chatting it up with those next to them while some poor person (why are they usually Asian??) works on their feet. Can’t picture myself there, so I pray I’m always able to get down there myself and get ‘er done!

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