Mmm, a Sweet Award

My friend Kathy over at Memoir Writer’s Journey has passed on to me the Irresistibly Sweet Blogger’s Award!

Here’s what it looks like:

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

A writer and retired family nurse practitioner, Kathy is penning a Christian-themed memoir. Her blog offers writing and publishing tips and links she’s run across in her journey. Hop on over and check her out.

As with any award, there are a few “rules and regulations” one must follow to accept the accolades. These include:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award;
  2. List 7 random, little-known facts about yourself; and
  3. Present the award to at least 1 other sweet blogger.

Okay, I’ve checked and re-checked, and these “rules” keep changing, kind of like that game where one person whispers a secret to the person seated next to them, they tell the person on their other side, and so on until you get to the last person, who usually has a hilariously garbled version of the original secret.

Some of the “rules” say you have to pass the award to 7 other bloggers, some say 12 or 15.  Some specify you must notify the recipients you’ve pegged; others don’t mention anything about that. Consequently, I’m picking the rules I want to follow — what can I say, I’m used to being the boss!

I like the first rule. Gratitude is good. So, Thank You, Kathy, for passing the honor to me. You’re sweet to do so, and I’m going to treasure it!

I’m okay with the second rule (she said, taking a huge gulp of courage!). Some random facts about me that you might not know:

  1. I actually like to iron.
  2. I’ve been able to read upside down for a long time — comes in handy when you’re interviewing city officials, judges, etc.
  3. My first pet was a Weenie-dog.
  4. I don’t eat strawberries (can’t stand the way they feel in my mouth).
  5. My eyes were blue until I was two years old.
  6. Music helps me focus and work better.
  7. I’m a lifetime member of my college sorority.

Now, here are the bloggers (in no particular order) I’m passing this award on to next (and forgive me if you’ve already been tagged!):

10 thoughts on “Mmm, a Sweet Award

  1. Thank you–that was very sweet of you. I have no idea what to do but I think you gave me permission to do whatever I wanted to…That works. ♥

    My cousin can write and read backwards you too would make a good team. I had a Facebook thread on ironing it ran over 400 comments and still a comment will occasionally pop up. You are not alone. I have never ironed anything more than a handkerchief in my whole life.

  2. You like ironing? Geez, I wish you lived near me…I’ve donated clothing to Goodwill because after washing, I discovered the fabric would have to be ironed every time.

    Thanks for including me in your list. I’ll have to do some thinking on the seven random facts.

    • Aw, Janna, I wish we lived closer, too (but thank you very much, I have enough ironing as it is!) Good luck with the random facts — it’s hard to come up with interesting things that still protect our privacy.

  3. Ah, Debbie, Thanks so much for spreading your sweetness through your words and links.I’m with you on # 6 but #1 is iffy. Looking forward to checking out your award winners. I don’t have a clue about any rules other than the basic ones of gratitude,listing 7 random self-descriptors and passing it on. Why spoil all this fun with all those rules? 🙂

    • I so agree, Kathy! I’ve seen this award before, but everybody seems to have different criteria for accepting it. Regardless of the rules, it’s a sweet thing to receive and to pass on! Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts — hope you’re staying safe with Irene lurking nearby!

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