Maybe I’m a Good-Luck Charm

ND 31, MSU 13

Somebody needs to tell Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly that I’m his team’s Good Luck Charm.


And he should think about providing me with a season pass — sidelines would be good — for as long as my charming ways continue.

Which could be forever.

Not convinced? Okay, let’s look at the facts:

  • The Record. Going into this game, the Fighting Irish were 0-2, after being nationally ranked prior to the season’s start. The Spartans of Michigan State University were 2-0. Logic tells me MSU should have won, but the Irish pulled out a convincing 31-13 victory. Because I was there!
  • The Weather. Two weeks ago, Notre Dame’s initial home game was caught in a series of wicked storms, causing the game to be rain-delayed, twice. But this Saturday’s weather was perfect — sunny and pleasant — all because I showed up!
  • The Band. The Band of the Fighting Irish couldn’t take to the field for their first home game, due to inclement weather. Ostensibly, this meant that long hard hours of marching and playing were flushed down the drain. But because I was there, the Band performed that halftime show post-game, letting fans see what they missed and giving music-lovers two halftime shows!
  • Turnovers. Notre Dame led the nation in its first two games with 10 turnovers — yikes. You can’t win football games like that. So, thanks to my presence on Saturday, the turnovers were limited to just three (still too many, but hey, I did what I could!)
  • Fake Field Goal. Last year, MSU’s fake field goal play caught the Irish by surprise and sent the game into overtime, where the Spartans were victorious. They tried again on Saturday, but this time the Irish were ready and foiled the attempt. Because I was there!

So Coach Kelly, if you’re reading this, please rest assured it was my Good-Luck Charm presence that led to your practically perfect outcome on Saturday.

And I think I could handle a reward in the way of some freebie tickets. That sounds fair, doesn’t it?

Okay, maybe I had a little help from former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who was back at her ND alma mater for the same weekend.

She can share the glory. I’ll stick with the free tickets!

11 thoughts on “Maybe I’m a Good-Luck Charm

  1. Delightful Debbie! It’s only right that you be awarded that season’s pass so I hope you do forward this post to the coach. Your special powers should not go unnoticed! Thank you,as always, for brightening my day 🙂

    • ‘Special powers’? I don’t know, Kathy, but I certainly did a lot of praying and I guess it helped! I also noted a LOT of priests in attendance, and I suspect they have a shorter pipeline to the Almighty than I do!

    • If all it took was my presence, I’d be there for every home game! Funny that it didn’t work the entire time my son was in high school, though! Oh, and the class ring? Absolutely beautiful — well worth the cost! And best of all was the pride in my son’s eyes when he showed it to me — as they say on the commercials, priceless! Thanks for asking, Janna.

  2. Hey, maybe you could market these good luck services! I’m sure plenty of teams would be willing to pay you a fee to come spread the good luck over their games! Heck, I know at least three teams in Minnesota that could desperately use your help!

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