SD Cards Don’t Need Baths

We all tend to think of “tech-y” people as infallible when it comes to gizmos, but even though I’m in a tech business, I’ve made my share of gaffes.

Take the other day, for example.

My blogging friend Katybeth asked me if I had any interesting photos of fall foliage that I could send her. Her trees don’t turn color as early as ours do because she’s farther north, yet she wanted to include an autumn-like picture on her blog.

It was gorgeous outside, so I decided to take a quick stroll around the neighborhood and see what I could find — and yes, you can interpret that to mean I was procrastinating! It was Sunday, after all, and who can work when fall beckons?

So I picked up my camera and off I went; however, as soon as I turned my trusty digital on, I realized something was amiss. The following message popped up:

‘Pictures will be recorded to built-in memory.’

Hmm, obviously I didn’t have my SD card installed. I checked and sure enough, the slot was empty.

Okay, where’s the card?

I tried the usual places before recalling that I’d taken it to Wal-Mart recently to print off some pictures for my son’s memory book. That meant the SD card was still in my jeans pocket for I know that’s where I put it when I finished at the kiosk.

But wait — didn’t I wash those jeans?

Racing upstairs, I dug in the pocket of the first pair my hands could reach. There was the SD card. It looked okay and didn’t feel wet. But still. . . .

With a hope and a prayer, I slipped it into my computer.

Miracle of miracles, all of my photos and videos were intact. Displayable. Just as I’d left them.


I can’t figure out how they managed to remain unscathed. I mean, those jeans were washed, line dried, and ironed, for Pete’s sake.

But I’m not complaining. That SD card contained images from a segment of time I can’t capture again.

Pictures are memories, and memories are priceless.

So learn from my mistake and don’t wash your storage media!

Have you ever done anything this stupid? How did it turn out?