Domer, Meet the Iron

Domer was home over Thanksgiving, and we used that as an opportune time for a refresher course in Ironing.

Now, before you protest, let me admit up front that I’ve never believed “chores” are gender-specific. Meaning, being female doesn’t make me uniquely qualified, for instance, to do laundry, cooking, and cleaning.

Conversely, being male doesn’t let Domer off the hook for that sort of thing.

Now that he’s up to his ears in “suit-up occasions” — things like job interviews, social events, etc. — he recognizes the need for clean, pressed shirts. Ties and business suits, too.

So he brought home a duffle bag filled with dirty long-sleeved dress shirts and insisted I teach him again.

I say again because I did the instructing once before.

When he was in middle school (seventh or eighth grade, I think), part of his Health curriculum included a segment on Laundry.

The kids — boys as well as girls — had to do laundry for a couple of weeks. For a grade.

I remember helping him measure out the detergent, read the instructions on the washing machine, choose the settings. Once they finished, we transferred the clean clothes to the dryer and followed a similar procedure. We also pulled out the ironing board and tackled wrinkles.

He got an “A.”

But things we do briefly rarely stick with us for the long haul.

I refreshed his memory when he went off to college, and he’s handled his laundry duties admirably. Or so I hope — he tells me he changes the sheets and washes his things, and I have to believe him.

But ironing still had him stumped. And a couple of job interviews in one week made it imperative he remedy that.


During one moderately frantic phone conversation, I tried to tell him again how to iron a dress shirt. The order of pressing. And I reminded him that he could just do front, collar, and cuffs if he was short on time. Or patience.

But afterward, he told me he’d managed, though not very well. He wasn’t pleased with the “look.”

So we used an hour or so of his vacation time to learn again.

This time, by George, I believe he’s got it!