You know, there are times in our lives when we’re on brain-overload and just getting through another day requires super-human effort.

Life has been like that for me for the past six weeks or so.

It started in August with a new Web Design project. Can I ever admit I’ve bitten off more than I can chew? Nope, not gonna happen. So I buckle down and deal, cursing that I’m not a programmer, trying to educate myself on code, and wishing for simple solutions to complex problems.

It continued through Domer’s first semester, when he was juggling Band, classes, projects, job applications, and interviews. Having your only son travel ’round the country via plane, bus, and auto isn’t easy, but at least he was putting forth a concerted effort. He could have been like his mom, who at his age embraced Scarlett O’Hara’s “I’ll worry about that tomorrow” philosophy.

It increased in the  Fall, when my mom started having trouble with her hernia. Every few days, I had to take her to the emergency room at the hospital or an after-hours clinic when she complained of pain. It seemed a portion of her bowel was beginning to poke through the abdominal muscle — a complication from surgery she’d had years before — and it was creating a hernia. They’d fix her up and send her home, only to have it happen again and again.

Finally, someone told her she needed to have surgery to repair it. You don’t want to wait until it’s an emergency, they said.

Three weeks later, they scheduled surgery. And that, too, was hectic, from the actual procedure to the recovery. Released after just two days, she developed extreme pain from the buildup of air in the bowel, which “hadn’t woken up” from anesthesia; they readmitted her.

That crisis, too, passed, and she came home again over the weekend.

In the meantime, I’ve found myself shouldering the lion’s share of work — decorating inside and out for Christmas, buying and wrapping presents, chauffeuring her to appointments, and so forth. My sister would do the same, if she were here. Which she’s not.

My novel-writing has suffered. So has my blog. In fact, there have been days when I haven’t even turned on my laptop.

And the other day I turned on the TV to hear of yet another senseless shooting. This time, of innocent children while they were in school.

So I’ve been AWOL. Trying to gather my bearings. Trying to heal my heart.

I call it brain-overload. And it’s best not to keep shouldering on when it happens, but to take a break.

Before I break.

The holidays seem like a perfect time to do just that. Call it paring down. Or taking a siesta. Or lightening my load.


Best wishes to all my blogging friends for a Happy Christmas and New Year’s Day. I’ll miss you, but I’ll be back in early January.

30 thoughts on “Brain-Overload

  1. Whew. Simple too much. Glad you have decided to take break, reflect, and relax. We will miss you but will be happy to have you back refreshed and rearing to go! Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year.

    • Thanks, Kb — I hadn’t meant to sound so pitiful, but it’s been a rough few weeks, and I truly need a break. I think if I could just get ONE of these problems solved, that would help; perhaps getting them ALL resolved will be a Christmas miracle!

    • Thank you, Barb. It’s hard forcing myself to ease up, but when I find myself unable to string coherent words together, well, that’s when I know I’d better. I appreciate your understanding!

  2. Ah, Debbie, life sure does have away of wearing us down, doesn’t it? I will miss you but you are doing the right thing in taking care of yourself.You remind me that I probably should be doing the same. BTW, after your break and when you are ready, I’d love your thoughts on my post about Sharing My Faith in Memoir 🙂 Wishing you a restful and rejuvenating break.
    Christmas Blessings to you & yours. Love your new picture with Dallas. Beautiful!



    • Glad you like my Sheltie’s picture — I hated “cutting” his legs off, but no way would I miss sharing his beautiful expression. By the way, I already posted my comments on your post, which was totally beautiful. Thanks for empathizing with my need to take a little break. I know I’ll still find myself reading (and perhaps commenting!) on blogs, but I need a rest from mine!

    • Thank you, my friend! I know you understand. We Virgos have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends, then get all crabby when we realize everybody else is perfectly content to let us! This time, I’m going to be “selfish” and do something nice for ME! Bubble bath, fuzzy slippers, hot cocoa with lots of baby marshmallows, a book I’ve been wanting to read — all sounds heavenly right now!

    • The doc said it’s actually not uncommon after anesthesia, but I’d never heard of it before either. Mom said it was excruciating pain. Thanks for the encouragement to rest — I’m having to force myself to do just that. Happy Christmas to you and yours — hope the Pack does well at their bowl!

  3. Good call, Debbie. Brain overload…I know that feeling. You have the right attitude to focus on what is most important during the holiday season – you & yours! Hope your mom recovers completely. Good luck juggling all the loose ends. I will look forward to following you the new, rested renewed you in the New Year! Happy Holidays!

    • Your words are healing balm, Pat. This is what makes it so hard to bow out for a couple of weeks — the blogging community is so supportive! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, and you have a chance to enjoy the magic of the season, too!

  4. We all have “those times” and we all have to deal with them – wise, indeed, is the woman who knows what she needs and does it! Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year – I’ll look forward to your return!

  5. I feel your overload pain (I’ve been treading water for several months.) You’ll be missed in the blogging world, but everyone needs a break now and then – and you’re overdue. I may skip a few posts as well so I can catch up on some other things (like maybe actually working on my book!) Have a merry Christmas!

    • Good for you, Janna — working on my novel is definitely on the To-Do list! If we don’t grab time for ourselves, nobody is going to simply hand it over (and try as I might, I haven’t found a way to stretch my days past 24 hours!) You rest up, too, and have a wonderful Christmas — see you in a couple of weeks!

  6. Oh, Debbie, I’m sending loving thoughts, warm hugs, and prayers your way. This too shall pass, my friend. May this break will allow you to relax and get some much needed rest. Happy holidays to you and your family and may I say I am in love with your new header! That Dallas is such a handsome fellow! Hugs! 🙂

    • Dallas is beside himself with your compliments — if Shelties could blush, he’d be doing it! Yes, even the few days I’ve been “AWOL” have been a blessing. Already, I can see (and feel!) the improvement in my spirits — and I’m definitely not one for being depressed. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll see you after New Year’s Day!

  7. Yes it all is a bit too much, especially the loss of so many children and talented adults. Taking a break might just be the thing…just know we’ll still be here when you return! Rest…relax…breath deeply…go for a walk…enjoy the snow or the sun or the full moon….and in time you will feel better.

    • Thanks, Dawn — such good advice — sounds like you know exactly what I need (perhaps you’ve felt the same way??). Having extra time for loving on Dallas helps, too — Shelties are especially good at reading emotions. I’m encouraged to know that readers won’t completely abandon me in my absence!

    • I appreciate your good wishes, Terri. Mom’s getting stronger by the day, and my weariness is fast disappearing. It’s amazing what a few days off will do for one’s soul!

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