Funny Photo Friday

My Favorite Domer sometimes thinks Darling Doggie looks sad.

And he doesn’t like the sad face.

So he asks him, “Dallas, are you happy?”

When Dallas doesn’t answer, Domer helps him out a bit.

This is what it looks like:

Yep, I'm a happy dog!

Yep, I’m a happy dog!

17 thoughts on “Funny Photo Friday

    • Thanks, Monica. Does Henry smile, too? A Cavalier lives not too far from me, but I’ve never seen him smile — those soulful eyes just don’t seem conducive to grinning!

    • Yes, Terri, I’ve often wondered the same thing! When I’ve asked Domer about it, he just tells me, “He likes it, mom. Just watch,” and then proceeds to force my Darling Doggie to smile again!

  1. What an adorable “happy face”! If Dallas minded the ‘help’, I’m sure he would’ve snapped back by now. Pets just like our attention. If we are handling them with love, they are very tolerant 🙂 (As evidenced by my son’s cat allowing him to put her in an elf doggie t-shirt.)

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  3. Love it!!

    Oh Deb…you are not going to believe this…my sister is dog babysitting for someone and it’s a Chihuahua. This dog likes me and I like him and even petted it! This is the first time in my life that I’ve petted a dog. He looked at me with loving eyes. It was a strange experince for me. What is world coming to?? A dog…me? This old dogs has learned a new trick or maybe like. Me liking a dog…maybe hell can freeze over LOL!

    • Tanya, once you’ve been loved by a dog, you’ll never look back! They are so loyal and obedient (we could learn a good lesson from that!), and they have the most soulful eyes. I suspect God sent this little dog to you for a reason — maybe to encourage you to trust in His Wisdom?! Regardless, I’m glad you opened yourself to the experience — I know it must have been frightening!

  4. Debbie, this post made me smile almost as much as that gorgeous banner! Dallas, you handsome rascal! You have Roxy grinning from ear to ear, you do! hee hee! Whatever will we do, Debbie, when these sons of ours leave the nest and we have no one to make us giggle like this? My heart breaks at the thought! I’m so glad to be back! I have missed you! 🙂

    • Missed you, too, my friend! Yes, God knew what He was doing when He sent us these delightful sons of ours — Domer’s antics and his often-quirky way of looking at things are endearing traits. Who would think of forcing a Sheltie to grin?!!

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