Someone Special’s Celebrating

Today’s my only sister’s birthday — I won’t say how many because she’d kill me or retaliate.

That’s the way it is with siblings. We know which buttons to press.

Or not to press.

And it’s always been that way.

When we were little, sharing a room, we had an imaginary line running down its center.

One side for her. One for me.

As we grew, we got separate rooms, but she tended to find mine MUCH more interesting than hers.

Probably because of the diary I kept under lock and key.

Not that I had anything exciting to write in its pages, but she thought I did.

Or maybe because of my closet, with its neatly hung and folded clothes.

No matter that we weren’t the same size. Or had the same tastes.

She was a believer in sharing; I was not.

You can imagine the arguments!

Sis and me after a trip to Texas way back when!

Sis and me after a trip to Texas way back when!

Some time after I left for college, we started becoming friends. Perhaps my late dad’s admonition, “You’ll always have each other” was making more sense.

For a while, we both worked in the same town. Across the street, actually.

And we’d share lunches and secrets, talk about “the ‘rents” and boyfriends, enjoy sun tanning by the pool and drinks on weekends.

I look on that time as idyllic.

Now we’re separated by some 700 miles, but we still manage to stay close.

Phone calls, e-mails, and such make it fairly easy.

Gone are the days when she’d snatch one of my sweaters and wear it to school, whether I approved or not. Gone, too, are the times I’d “rat” on her to our folks or we’d fight over whose turn it was to set the table.

Those two little girls have grown up and wonder of wonders, now they actually like each other.

Just as Daddy always hoped.

Happy Birthday, Sis — Love you!

21 thoughts on “Someone Special’s Celebrating

  1. Happy Birthday to your sister. She is in good company today! This is kind of cool… when you put in your birthday it spits out fun statistics and your astrological data.
    I find it interesting how differently sibs can see the same event that happened to them growing up and swear they have the right version. I find it very funny. Love the picture.

    • Aw, thanks, Katybeth! You’re so right — even events that happened to both of us sometimes seem to have happened to only one of us because of the differences in the way we remember them. One could blame that on the years, but as a trained newspaper person, I know it’s just differences in perception. Thanks for the interesting link, too!

  2. Sissy—-Awesome!! great picture, huh?? we still think we’re that age and can do anything!! I could put “remember, remember”…all day back on your blog, but I won’t!! love you more, Suzie

  3. Aw…what a sweet post, Debbie!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sister!!!!!

    GREAT photo of the two of you!

    “That’s the way it is with siblings. We know which buttons to press.

    Or not to press.

    And it’s always been that way.”

    I agree! It’s the same with my younger brother and I. And I like that because we can sense ‘where to go’ with each other and ‘where not to go.’

    Happy Monday, Debbie!


    • Hey, Ron, thanks for stopping by. I didn’t realize you have a younger brother. Interesting, isn’t it, how we squabble like cats and dogs when we’re young, then grow to appreciate/respect/like the older versions?!! And that becomes more necessary as our parents pass on — something about continuity, I think, and the fact that they “knew us when.”
      Have a super week, my friend!

    • Why is that, Suzi? Does it have something to do with competition for our parents’ affection, or are we simply trying to be different from one another to stand out and be our own person? Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and Sis is thankful for your birthday greetings!

  4. This is so sweet! I always wanted a sister, but your comments about the shared (stolen) clothes and diary snooping make me glad I had an older brother 🙂

    Funny about you not sharing the age – smart move!

    • Ah, yes, age. No way would I go there!! Both my Sis and I always wished we’d had an older brother. In fact, my parents (both times, actually!) thought they were having a boy and had the same boy-name picked out — oh, well, they never got little “David.” Something tells me, though, a brother wouldn’t be nearly as interested in reading my diary, ha!

  5. Aren’t sisters the best? What a nice tribute to your sister. And you are both adorable, by the way! I’m sure you’re both even more beautiful today.

    • Oh, Barb, you’ve got me blushing! She’s the adorable one. I’m the one with the cute dog, ha! And yes, it’s wonderful when sisters can get along, just the way my dad envisioned.

  6. Wow, Debbie! I could have written this post! You just described my sister and me to a T! It seemed that when we were living under the same roof, there were constant squabbles, but when my sister went away to college, I suddenly missed her. We’ve been friends ever since and we are closer than ever now.

    Great picture of the two of you! Happy belated birthday to your Sis!

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