A Sunday Treat

Dallas here.

Sunday was the Best. Day. Ever.

Mama went to the freezer and busted out one of the Big Bones she gets from the lady who bred me.

I couldn’t believe it!

It’s been a while since I had a Big Bone, but I haven’t forgotten how yummy one is.

Or what to do with it!

Om nom nom!

Om nom nom!

I know you people probably think it looks gross. But it was the best!

Show this picture to your doggie pals and see if they don’t agree:

What a lovely surprise!

What a lovely surprise!

I tell you, there’s nothing better than lying in the cool grass beneath a big old shade tree on a sunny day, chomping on a Big Bone!

Do you see my bone getting smaller?

Do you see my bone getting smaller?

Mama says a Big Bone is the best toothbrush a doggin can get. She knows these things.

Don't look at my feeties -- yes, they're a mess!

Don’t look at my feeties — yes, they’re a mess!

The only thing wrong with a Big Bone, in Mama’s opinion, is what it leaves on my furs. Take a look:

Looks like I got into a street brawl!

Looks like I got into a street brawl!

I’m a sight to behold, aren’t I? And if that’s not bad enough, you ought to smell me!

But Mama dunked my feeties into some warm water in the sink, washed me down good, dried me off, applied some baby powder to mask the “scent,” and gave me a good brushing. It wasn’t a full bath, but it did the trick.

Now I’m all beautiful once more!

Let's do that again soon, Mama!

Let’s do that again soon, Mama!

8 thoughts on “A Sunday Treat

  1. Those beef bones are great. I use to buy them from the butcher for all my pups/campers and still do on occasion. These days they usually gnaw on deer antler, less mess and fuss, but for a special treat the beef bone can’t be beat and it looks like Dallas completely agrees!

    • Thanks for the validation, Katybeth — Dallas had a blast chewing, and I was glad for a cool enough day so he didn’t have to stay inside in the air-conditioning!

  2. “Mama says a Big Bone is the best toothbrush a doggin can get. She knows these things.”

    Yup…and Mama is right!

    Dallas you are sooooooooo CUTE!

    And thanks for this post. You’re SUCH a great writer!

    Woof! Woof!


    P.S. LOVE that last photo of you!!!!

    • Ron, my friend, thank you for encouraging my doggin. He loves to commandeer my blog every now and then! The last photo hardly looks like he ever had all that red on him, doesn’t it? I’m glad his breeder told me about baby powder!

  3. It looks like he enjoyed the treat. You are better than I am…I took one look at the messy fur and though, “oh, no way would I do that!” But he does look satisfied…and great idea about the baby powder (although he probably thought he smelled just fine :))

    • Actually, I was afraid he’d “bleed” all over the house, so I had little choice about cleaning him up! And that baby powder really is a time-saver (but you’re wrong, he DID smell bad, ha!)

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