Isn’t it Time for Vacation Yet?

Dallas here.

I’m mad at my Mama.

For months she’s been promising me a l-o-n-g ride in the car.

‘We’ll put you in your crate,’ she said. ‘And go on vacation. All the way to Mississippi. You remember.’

Yes, I do. But nothing has happened.

I’ve been waiting to see the suitcases come out. Waiting for her to pack my food and toys.

But it’s been a long time and nothing has happened.

Oh, she took off. Went to visit The Kid (Domer, you know) in the Land of the North.

But did she take me along?

No, she did not. I got stuck at the kennel.


Finally the other day, she strapped on my leash and said we were going for a ride in the car!

Oh, boy!

She opened the car door and put me in.

Where’s my crate, I wondered. And my food. And my toys.

Mama always packs my favorite toys.

No matter. I had the entire back seat to myself, and we were going on vacation.

Or so I thought.

Too soon, we stopped, she got out, scooped me up and took me inside.

To my VET’s office.

What was she thinking?? That’s not a long ride in the car.

Nor is it vacation.

They put me on the scale, trying to see how my ‘diet’ was coming along.

Well, I showed them — I’d lost another whole pound!

Take that, fat.

Don’t you think I was owed a car ride after such indignity?

I do.

She started driving again and this time, we went a few miles south of town to pick up some apples, fresh from the trees.

Now I love me an apple, but riding to the orchard isn’t vacation.

Nor is it a long ride in the car, like she promised.

Mama needs a rest, I can tell. And so do I.

So what do I have to do to get her to pack some suitcases and make good on that promise??

18 thoughts on “Isn’t it Time for Vacation Yet?

  1. HA! Dallas, what a GREAT post! You are SUCH a clever writer!

    And don’t worry, buddy, your vacay will come soon 🙂

    And kudos to you for losing another whole pound.

    Woof! Woof!

    Tell Mama I said Hi!


    • Mama says losing a pound doesn’t mean I get to indulge in cookies to celebrate — just another reason I’m mad at her!
      I’m still waiting for my vacation, too. Now that it’s gotten nice and cooler, and the scent of burning fire pits is in the air, you’d think she’d yank out those suitcases and start loading them in the car. Not yet, though.
      Mama said to tell you ‘Hi’ right back and to have a lovely day!

    • Now if I can just keep up the weight loss for him — with winter fast approaching, it’s not going to be easy. Might have to strap those booties on after all and take to the streets in the brr-cold!

    • HaHa, Dallas appreciates your siding with him on that! At least they didn’t have to give him a shot or draw blood for a thyroid check. Although hopping on that scale isn’t too much on anyone’s top list of fun things to do!

  2. I’m all with Dallas – there is nothing like hitting the road. I’m back in Texas now – in Amarillo – and will finish off the trip with a pass through Palo Duro canyon. Then, it will be pedal to the metal for home! I can leave and never give things a thought, but when I’m ready to get home, I’m like the old work horse heading for the barn.

    Dallas would have had fun with me this afternoon – I went to a prairie dog town on the SW Kansas grasslands!

    • Ah, Linda, that’s the way to travel — solo, with no pressures of time or destination! I know what you mean about the “work horse heading for the barn.” I do that, too. Perhaps it’s because a part of us misses home (and realizes just how many things await our attention upon our return!). Glad you’ve had a safe trip, and I can hardly wait to read about it!

    • NoNoNo, Monica, please do NOT encourage him to keep barking! The little imp is quite “vocal” on a good day, and if he ever thought he could force me to acquiesce to his every whim by barking more, well, let’s just say he’d be even more spoiled than he is!!

  3. You keep bugging her Dallas! Katie says she got to go on a long trip and it was fabulous! Good job on the diet too. Katie is also on a diet. She lost a couple of pounds and thinks she can now eat whatever she wants. Silly girl.

    • Dallas has a “waist” again, and I must say, he looks very svelte! New food has helped, as has cutting waaay back on his treats. He’s disappointed that the cookie jar seems to have dried up, though

      Yes, vacation will come, and Dallas will get to go. I’ve just got some things to wrap up first. Thanks for the encouragement, Katie-Princess!

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