It’s a Birthday!

Somebody’s having a birthday this week — can you guess who?

Oh, Hi! Did somebody call for me??

Oh, Hi! Did somebody call for me??

Yes, Darling Doggie Dallas will turn — shhh, eight! — this week!

Now, when a dog gets to “a certain age,” as my friend Monica recently reported, he doesn’t want the world to know.

Because, in Dallas’s case, he still acts like a young’un. Romps and plays like a pup. Chases whatever moves.

But I’ve noticed he’s slowing down a bit and taking a few more naps. Which isn’t a bad thing, you know.

And his vet recently suggested he switch over to “senior” food, though the Infographic on her wall indicates he won’t reach that pinnacle until he’s NINE!

Anyway, in honor of his approaching B-day, I pulled out a few of his baby pictures:

Dallas at 6 1/2 weeks, before I even brought him home

Dallas at 6 1/2 weeks, before I even brought him home

Dallas at 4 months

Dallas at 4 months

This was his “chipmunk” stage — his cheek furs are sticking straight out from his face. And see that string holding his ears in place? We referred to it as “trussing,” like a Christmas turkey! His breeder is big on proper ear placement and sometimes, a dog needs a little help.

Dallas, age 1 year

Dallas, age 1 year

See how pretty his ears turned out! And his cheek-furs settled nicely into place. Took a while, but it was worth it.

Happy Birthday, Dallas!

Happy Birthday, Dallas!

I spent this afternoon grooming him so he’d be pretty for the upcoming holiday/birthday. He was so relaxed, his ears wouldn’t stand up at all!

16 thoughts on “It’s a Birthday!



    Debbie, these photographs of Dallas are BEYOND adorable! OMG…what a cute, cute, cute doggie! The one of him at 6 1/2 old makes me wanna pick him up and SQUEEZE him!

    (((((((((((( Dallas ))))))))))))

    He’s got the sweetest-looking eyes and his fur looks so soft!

    Hope you had a super day celebrating Dallas’s 8th birthday, my friend!


    • Thanks, Ron. I think his breeder is still kicking herself for letting him go — he was sold on a spay/neuter contract as many dogs are now, yet he’d have produced the most adorable puppies! You’re so right — his sweet face and oh-so-soft furs just endear him that much more. Have a Happy Turkey-Day, my friend!

  2. This made me smile! He was such a cute puppy and is a beautiful dog! I can’t imagine how you keep up with the brushing, though 🙂 Happy 4th birthday, Dallas (hey, if we can be 29 and holding, a dog can be 4 and holding, right? 🙂 )

    • Janna, Dallas LOVES the idea of being 4 and holding!! I can’t believe how fast the time has flown. Looking at his puppy pictures, I’m flooded with memories, and I count my blessings that he came to share life with me.

  3. Happy Birthday, Dallas! Henry wants to know what’s your secret to staying young and frolicking and playing like a pup. He’s 7 1/2 now, and just wants to sleep all day. Doesn’t even like climbing the stairs anymore.
    Thanks for sharing his midlife crisis with your readers!

    • Thanks, Monica. I suppose his “secret” is good breeding, something none of us really have a say in. That, and maybe the Glucosamine/Chondroitin that I started giving him to help with those “senior” aches and pains — shhh, don’t say I ratted on him, ha!!

  4. Happy Birthday Big D. The puppy pictures were so cute. And what a handsome boy he is now. 8 is hardly old. Especially with the care you give Dallas! I have one two campers right now that are Shelties – One is 12 and the other is 14. Quality of life is good. Very good. 😀

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Katybeth! My first Sheltie was 16, I think, when he passed, but he hadn’t been neutered, and I wasn’t sure what effect that might have on Dallas. Bet your Sheltie campers are helping you out by herding the others, right?!

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