Giving Mama Some Space

Dallas here.

Mama’s on a tear, and I’m hiding low. Watching her as usual, but out of harm’s way.

Because I’ve lived with her long enough to know two things:

1) She gets like this when she’s stressed, and

2) This, too, shall pass.

It all started, I’m afraid, the other morning when I woke her up at 5:30 by vomiting on her good rug.

I couldn’t help it, you know. When something wants to come up, you can’t stop it!

She didn’t say much. Just grabbed a rag and started cleaning. Later, she put some goop on the spots, but they’re still there.

I’m sorry, Mama. Really I am.

Then she wrote some post on her blog about breastfeeding and got all hurt when everybody didn’t agree with her.

Well, duh. Who says there isn’t room for differences of opinion, even among friends? It’s not like anybody’s gonna tar and feather her, right?

See, I told her not to hit that Publish button, but did she listen? Nope, and this is what she gets.

Maybe I should’ve tried harder….

I’m sorry, Mama. Really I am.

Finally, she’s up to her ears working on something called taxes.

Now if you know Mama at all, you know how she likes words and pictures lots, but numbers? Not so much.

And she gets her nose out of joint when she has to mess with deductions and adding line items and telling anybody how much money she makes.

I’m just glad she’s finished doing that FAFSA-thingy she used to do for The Kid’s college.

She really stressed over that. Why, there were file folders ALL over the house, and I didn’t even want to be in the same room with her!


I’m sorry, Mama. Really I am.

I’ll just go back and quietly chew on Sir Tony the Tiger, ‘k?


23 thoughts on “Giving Mama Some Space

  1. Hello there Dallas! Great to see ya posting, buddy!

    “Now if you know Mama at all, you know how she likes words and pictures lots, but numbers? Not so much.”

    Please tell Mama I feel the same way, I am so not good with numbers. This year I had some issues doing my taxes as well because they changed certain things on the tax forms, like health insurance. But I was able to finally figure it out. Whew!

    Love the picture of you with Sir Tony the Tiger! You are so cute!

    Have a super Sunday!
    X to you and Mama

    • Gee, thanks, Mr. Ron! If I didn’t have so much fur on my face, why, I bet I’d be blushing, ha!

      You, too, huh? I don’t know what it is about numbers that messes with Mama’s head, but she’d rather not bother with them. She’d rather not bother with insurance and taxes, either!! Glad you were able to get yours “figured” out!

      Tony was one of my Christmas presents. As you can see, I have yet to chew off his arms or legs, though I’m working on it!

      Happy rest-of-the-weekend to you, too!

  2. I am sorry if I hurt your feeling with my comment on the breastfeeding blog post. I know that you would step forward to help that mother or anyone else in need. It was a brave post to write. My mistake was not acknowledging your frustration with the situation as being important. In my family we always say you should be on the side of the person you know and care about….fail for me.

    Wishing you a peaceful Sunday Morning.

    • Aw, Miss Katybeth, no apology needed. I told Mama not to write about controversial topics, then what does she do? Yeah, that. And she’s just not the kind of person who can get away with being snarky — doesn’t fit her personality. Next time, maybe she’ll listen to me — between you, me, and the lamppost, my guess is she’ll never again write the word “breastfeeding” on her blog, ha!!

      Love you almost as much as pizza and lemon pie!!

  3. Dallas, you are such a cutie!

    Tell Mama that I hope the coming week puts an end to all that stress and worry. And if it makes her feel better, my carpet needs a professional cleaning (or replacement) thanks to a couple of mishaps Lucy Pie had while I was in Florida, and which my son clearly failed to deal with in a timely manner. But I love my Lucy more than the carpet, so it’s okay!

    And as for the breastfeeding post, I think it’s a topic on which we all have to agree to disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions! 🙂

    • Miss Terri, Mama loves me just like you love Lucy — or at least I think she does. She’s still not happy about those spots on the rug, but like you said, that’s what professionals are for!

      And you’re right about that other thing, which Mama refuses to talk about any more. We’ll just agree to disagree. But I don’t know what all the fuss is about. It’s food, isn’t it, and I’ve never been known to turn down ANY food (well, except lettuce, heehee!)

    • Bless you for saying that, Miss Kim! I hope it will make her feel better — you’d think as a journalist she’d be used to folks not agreeing with her all the time, heehee! Methinks she should’ve developed a thicker hide! Love you bunches xoxoxo

  4. It’s okay, Dallas! That sort of thing happens. Could’ve been your dinner.

    Tell your mom that all will be fine! (Was very brave [and cool] of her to speak her mind. After all, it’s her blog. And she handled the “friction” excellently. The professor knows about these things, you know.)

    Numbers aren’t so bad. When they’re single digits.

    • Aw, gee, Professor, thank you! I don’t do it often, but I always use the rug — it’s nicer than the floor, you know!

      I’ll tell Mama what you said, and I know she’ll be happy to hear it. She’s kind of funny — sometimes she’s all Irish warrior and other times she’s a marshmallow. (But don’t tell her I said so, because she prefers to portray the tough side!)

      You like numbers?? So does The Kid! Mama actually likes them okay, but she doesn’t like giving them away. That makes sense, don’t you think??

      • It is nicer! No…umm…splashing that way.

        It’s our secret! Every warrior has times when they just…feel like a marshmallow–except Hector, but he’s unreal.

        *laughing* That makes lots of sense. I think I agree with your Mama.

  5. Aw. Dallas, keep Ms. Debbie’s feet extra warm for me. She needs the love. Tell her she’s allowed to be who she is and speak her mind. Tell her I’m horrible at confrontation and envy her ability to speak out. I’m all about getting a baby fed, but I go overboard making sure no one feels weird. A polite thing to do, I think. Caring folks will do that for even the biggest stranger.

    You two enjoy your evening. xx

    • Miss Audrey, I think Mama probably envies your ability to show compassion, care, and vulnerability! She’s been strong for so long now that her softie-side only comes out occasionally (like full moons and when she writes poetry!). As they say, she’d start a fight at the drop of a hat — and she’d drop it herself!! Thank you for being YOU!!

  6. Oh Dallas, you are way too adorable for your own good. I just want to hug you like the Dickens. You know your mama so well. Sounds like she’s in the throes of tax season, which can set any human on edge. But you’re right. It’ll pass soon and then she’ll be good as new, back in business and ready to give you lots of TLC. Hope you’re tummy’s feeling better pronto!

    • I LOVE hugs, Miss Monica — and I’m a dog who needs lots of them! Yes, Mama’s doing taxes. Not her favorite thing. But I understand there’s a deadline, so I’m going to need to lay low for another month, then we can have fun again! Thanks for your concern about my tummy. I’m as good as new. We’ll just agree not to talk about Mama’s rug, haha!

  7. I like this from Dallas’ perspective. Animals do tune into our moods, and when things are stressy, we don’t handle the messy so well! (Why is it that cats will always barf on bedding rather than the floor?!) When we step outside the stress and really embrace our pets, we can feel the calmness set in. Animals are amazing that way 🙂 Hope the stressful stuff is alleviated by now!

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