Finding Shelter

Tulip emerging through bush.

Tulip emerging through bush.

Nestled beneath his sheltering arms,

Protected from the storms of life.

Safe place to grow and thrive.

Every girl should be so lucky.

25 thoughts on “Finding Shelter

  1. My first, unedited thought: Luckier still the girl capable of building and decorating her own shelter!

    Happy weekend to you and the tulip! Good for you for even spotting it, and turning it into verse.

    • HaHa, I hadn’t thought of it that way, Linda! But now that you mention it, why, it’s a great interpretation. I guess I was thinking that even the bravest of us — now and then, mind you! — needs a sheltering presence. Glad this one hit the mark for you — thanks for coming along!

    • I like the idea the bush snuggled up to her, Audrey — perhaps you’re onto something! I remember planting a LOT of tulip bulbs, but this one consistently rises up from the ground, every year. Something to be said for protection, huh?! Thanks for the lovely compliment!

  2. What a faaaabulous photo capture, Debbie! And brava to you for even noticing it! Isn’t nature amazing?

    Also, I loved your poem!

    And It’s ironic that you mentioned tulips because earlier this week I took my new camera outside to practice with it, and guess what? I spotted some tulips! I’ll be posting them on Monday!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend!

    • Ooh, I’m glad you liked it, Ron — and even gladder I’ll get to see some of your tulips this coming week! I just know that new camera of yours is able to capture fabulous shots (and I’ll bet your tulips are in full bloom, too!) Happy Sunday, and thank you for stopping by to say Hi!

    • Oh, dear. I’m sorry, Monica, but perhaps I’m just too accustomed to seeing this beauty and failed to realize not everyone knows where we planted it. It’s in the upper third of the photo, about 1 1/4 inches down and to the right of the tree trunk in the upper left clearing (looks like a light green tongue!). See it now?? You probably missed it because you were looking for a tulip in bloom. This one is a delicious shade of pink (but it hasn’t popped out yet, so all that’s there now is its stem). No wonder you missed it — don’t bother changing your eyeglasses prescription!

  3. What a beautiful sign of new life! The way I interpreted the poem … the tulip is us, the evergreen shrub is God. Love the way you put this photo into words, Debbie.

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    • Thanks, Janna. I’m toying with moving them to a showier site once they’re done with the blooming. It just can’t be good growing under all that shade!!

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