Not Contagious!

Dallas here.

I’ve managed to commandeer Mama’s blog again, and this time, I gotta tell ya, it was easy-peasy.


Because Mama’s suffering with allergies.

Probably because of stuff like this:

Those aren't leaves, my friends -- they're seed pods (filled with pollen, I'll bet!)

Those aren’t leaves, my friends — they’re seed pods (filled with pollen, I’ll bet!)

And this:

Flowering trees -- pretty to look at, but Ah-Choo!!

Flowering trees — pretty to look at, but Ah-Choo!!

And this:

More seed pods; more flowering trees

More seed pods; more flowering trees

Now Mama does take medicine, but it’s not working. Perhaps she’s built up immunity to it, ot there’s a different species of pollen in the air this year, or she’s got something else going on.

Poor Mama — her eyes are watery and itchy, she does a lot of sneezing and nose-blowing, and she’s coughing.

At least she doesn’t feel bad. I guess that’s a good thing, huh?

When I feel poorly, I take to my little bed. And DARE anybody to bother me!

Not Mama.

She’s still doing her walkies, running errands, doing housework, working — all the things a “sick” person ought to be avoiding.

But she claims she’s not sick.

I overheard her talking to The Kid (AKA Domer) last night, and he said she sounds like she’s got what he had last winter. He called it a cold.

“Oh, no,” my mama protested. “This is merely allergies.”

And she could be right. After all, I did a Google search of my own and learned that a cold and allergies might have similar symptoms, but they’re entirely different things. Since Mama has had this forever, I’m betting she knows it’s allergies.

So if you run into Mama any time soon, just know this — she’s NOT contagious!

25 thoughts on “Not Contagious!

  1. Oh, bless you. We’re past the very worst of the pollen season here, but after our recent heavy rains, I noticed green swirls on the concrete in my passageway. I thought at first someone had been messy with their trash, but then I realized the blown-in rain had “washed” the concrete, and that green residue was pollen! Maybe it’s all gone from the skies now. May yours depart quickly!

    • Thanks, Linda. It’s been beastly this year. I don’t know if there’s something new in the air, or if I’m developing immunity to my Allegra. Grrr! It’s always something, isn’t it? Maybe I just need a trip south for a few weeks — just enough to get past this outbreak!

    • Right, Suzi — or hanging out clothes, or trying to play golf, or opening the windows to air the house out, and the list goes on! I can only hope this, too, shall pass!!

  2. Hellooooooo there Dallas! Great to see you posting again, boy! Woof! Woof!

    Please tell Mama that I’m kinda going through the same thing right now (with the coughing); especially with the weather being so strange – one day it’s warm, then the next it’s cold (like today.) And she’s right, colds and allergies may have similar symptoms, but they’re completely different things.

    Tell Mama that I hope she’s feeling better soon, okay?

    And thanks for sharing today’s post. You write very well!


    • Thanks so much, Ron — you really shouldn’t encourage the little imp, though, haha!

      I’m sorry you’ve got allergy symptoms, too. I switched from Allegra to Claritin, and I’m hoping that will ease me through it. I understand it’s easy to build up immunity to allergy meds, so maybe that will do the trick. I guess the blessing is, I don’t really feed Bad — I just sound awful, ha!

      Happy new week to you, my dear!

    • Your puppy is allergic to grass? Golly, when there’s so much grass everywhere? How miserable he must feel. He’s definitely got my sympathy!! Dallas, too, has been sneezing and doesn’t seem to want to stay out too much. Could they instinctively know that’s where the pollens are?!?

      • Yes, he is, Debbie. He has a steroid pill he takes that helps keep him comfortable, but it lessons his life span, so I don’t give it to him every day. Only when he’s looking particularly uncomfortable. Mostly I have to wash his feet off after coming inside or he licks them like crazy. Raw. Oscar is high maintenance, but he’s been with me seven years.

        • Good for you, taking such good care of Oscar! I towel Dallas’s feet off after a walk, too (I have no idea who’s putting chemicals on their yards, nor do I care — I just don’t want him licking them!!)

    • Hey, Tanya, hope your Easter was lovely. I enjoy Spring as a rule, but this one has been pretty awful. Besides the allergies acting up, the weather just can’t seem to make up its mind whether it wants to be warm, cool, sunny, rainy, windy, or what. No wonder I’m suffering! Thankfully, it’s temporary (or at least, I hope it’s temporary!!)

    • If Mama were allergic to pet hair, she’d be out of luck, FF!! No way I’m shaving off my beautiful furs — besides, Shelties have very pink skin underneath, and we sunburn terribly easily. Wouldn’t THAT be a mess, haha!

  3. Springtime is so beautiful with all the plants awakening… but yes, allergies are miserable! I hope you are doing better by now. Allergies may not be contagious, but it seems everyone has them 🙂

    • I’ve learned the tree pollen is in the moderate range today, so that (coupled with some new medicine) seems to have helped. Yikes, this has been a MESS!! Thanks for commiserating, Janna!

  4. Sorry to hear about your bout with allergies, Debbie. When I lived on the east coast, sometimes my allergies were so bad, it was debilitating. I was miserable and confined to bed. Here in San Diego it’s so dry, that I rarely get allergies anymore, but when I do, they’re never as bad as when I had them back east. I can totally commiserate and hope you’re better soon.

    • Maybe I need to move, Monica?!? When I was in Texas, everything bloomed ALL the time, and my allergies weren’t happy with that, either. Sigh. ‘Tis a dilemma, I tell you!!

    • Lucky you!! I was fine as a kid, but I’ve since learned that allergies can develop at any time. Probably didn’t help that I moved away for college, then stayed away for a number of years. I wonder if there’s any truth to the theory that, if you stay most of your life near where you grew up, you’ll adapt to the surroundings and remain allergy-free???

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