Ostentatious Display


Standing majestically apart,
Swaying to and fro in the breeze,
Adorned with regal robes and a stately face.
Demanding attention, if even a glance, from one and all.
Showy today, then too soon he departs
To return next year, if he pleases.
Some accuse him of being a flash in the pan.
I contend he really has no choice.


Note: I think this is a form of poetry called an Octave. It contains eight lines.

24 thoughts on “Ostentatious Display

  1. Debbie, I know I’ve shared this with you many times before, but you are so talented with your writing and poetry!

    “Some accuse him of being a flash in the pan.
    I contend he really has no choice.”

    I LOVED that!

    Great one, my friend! Have a terrific weekend!


    P.S. And I loved your post title!

    • Ron, I’m blushing at your words of praise — thank you sincerely!! “He” was standing there, demanding to be photographed, so what could I do but comply?! Happy weekend to you, too! {{{ YOU }}}

  2. I like it, but I must confess, I never thought of a flower as being a “he.” Though “Flash in the pan,” is very clever usage. 😉 So sad that there time on earth is so fleeting. In any case, the Iris deserves all the attention from admirers she/he can get. Well done!

    • HaHa, good point, Monica! I usually think of flowers as “shes,” too, but this one looked masculine to me. Maybe it’s the commanding way it stands proudly all by itself, maybe it’s the deep purple it’s wearing. I do agree they don’t last long enough, though!!

  3. Your poem describes the Iris so well, Debbie. Is this one in your yard? I have bunches of them, but I don’t recall seeing any yellow in them. I’m going to have to go out back and take a closer look now before mine all wither away.

  4. There is one variety of iris that’s called the “bearded iris.” I’m not sure if this is one, but those bearded irises would be “he” — don’t you think? The poem’s great. It did make me think about that old line, “Bloom where you are planted.” This one is going to bloom where he darned well pleases!

    • I wondered if “he” might be a bearded Iris, Linda, but I really couldn’t tell (and the homeowner whose yard I found it in wasn’t outside for me to ask). Yes, definitely, a beard should be masculine! I like your correlation that he’s going to bloom where he darned well pleases — makes perfect sense to me!

    • Cold? In 85-degree weather?? C’mon, Professor, what’s a homeowner to do — cover him up?? *chuckles bigly* Say, are you back now? Or should I just say Thank You for popping by when you’re still AWOL?!!!

  5. A few years back a purple Iris popped up in the back yard along with the lilacs. It was magnificent. The Iris never returned. Perhaps mine was a flash in the pan :-D. Lovely poetry.

    • HaHa, it must have been! Who knows why that happens?? We don’t have any Irises in our yard — not a single one. I’ve never noticed anybody planting Irises, either, so maybe they do get a choice in where they pop up!!

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