Sunday’s Gem — Red Jasper

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein

If you have to go out at night a lot, be sure you have a piece of Red Jasper with you.

Carrying a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Red Jasper is an opaque variety of quartz which appears in varying shades of red (typically, a brownish red). It is found worldwide.


The name “Jasper” comes via Old French and Latin from Greek and means spotted, speckled stone. It’s one of the stones used for healing the root, or base, Chakra. Balancing the root Chakra is supposed to help one become more grounded and self-confident.

This is one of those stones that works behind the scenes, quietly and unobtrusively. It’s a great “worry stone,” sending out calming vibrations as it’s turned over in your hands. If you want to remember your dreams (or need to, for some reason), tuck a Red Jasper beneath your pillow…but don’t blame me when you toss and turn all night from sleeping on a rock!

If you’re sensitive to electromagnetic or environmental pollution, grab some Red Jasper to neutralize it. Red Jasper strengthens the circulatory system, blood, and liver and is considered lucky for actors (helping in the manifestation of creative ideas) and athletes (strengthening the circulatory system).


Thanks to for this detailed image!

Native American tribes used Red Jasper to stimulate health, rebirth, new ideas, and to douse for rain. Ancient Egyptians carved Red Jasper into amulets, which they placed on the necks of the deceased. And legend holds that the hilt of the sword of dragon slayer Siegfried was inlaid with Red Jasper to bring him courage.

Jasper is another stone frequently mentioned in the Bible. According to Revelation, the first foundation and walls of the New Jerusalem will be made from jasper (though the Bible doesn’t pinpoint the red variety).

Red Jasper encourages honesty with oneself and helps with quick thinking, organization, and follow-through. I’ll bet most of us could benefit by having a bit of Red Jasper around!

21 thoughts on “Sunday’s Gem — Red Jasper

  1. I know two people who have named kitties Jasper. One is black, but the other is almost exactly this color, mixed with white. i’ll have to ask her if the stone is behind her choice of a name.

    It’s certainly a beautiful stone. I can see why it would be useful for those times when I have to be out late at night — especially if I had a large enough chunk!

    • Let me know about the kitties — perhaps it’s just coincidence. After all, my late grandma had one black cat after another (and named them all ‘Tony,’ for some reason!)

      I guess Red Jasper is supposed to guard against physical threats. I can see where carrying a ginormous chunk of it might be considered protection…though gee, do you hold it and ward off the bad guys, or do you take a chance and clobber them over the head with it?!?

  2. Red jaspar is so lovely! I actually prefer this type of stone to faceted gemstones in truth – so tactile and each one tends to be unique. However, I don’t feel I need to douse for rain often – just stepping out of the door seems to work here…

    • I’m with you on the rain — we’ve had plenty! Perhaps we can send some out to arid regions like deserts to see if it works?? I rather like this stone, but I’m not particularly fond of the color. The brown tinges sort of detract from the red for me.

  3. Debbie, another FABULOUS post about gemstones! I knew of this stone, however, you added so much more to my knowledge of its properties.

    “It’s one of the stones used for healing the root, or base, Chakra. Balancing the root Chakra is supposed to help one become more grounded and self-confident.”

    And that makes perfect sense because the root Chakra is associated with the color red. You’re absolutely right, the root Chakra is all about grounding us to the earth and developing our self-confidence.

    Thanks so much for sharing this very informative post, my friend. LOVED it!

    Have a fantabulous week!

    • Ron, you’re a sweetheart for saying so! I promise not to antagonize anybody by concentrating on gemstones to the extent that I don’t post about anything else, but golly, I’m learning sooo much by researching these properties. And you know, having them all in one place is going to be very helpful when I complete a beading project!

      I used some Red Jasper in a bracelet recently, and I do like the feel of it. The look? Not so much, honestly. I tend to prefer a brighter, bolder RED that lets you know it’s arrived, rather than this ‘mousy’ color that kind of sidles into a room, ha!

      Hope your weekend was grand and the week ahead will be, too!

    • Really? I’d have thought you’d prefer a bright cherry red to these brownish-red stones, Professor. But carrying a chunk of Red Jasper at night might be easier than toting around that katana, hmm?!

    • Thank you, Monica. I learned a lot researching this one. I made a bracelet using some stones from the first photo, but at the time, I didn’t realize how helpful Red Jasper is supposed to be!

  4. This one sounds like a very powerful stone. I am learning so much already from these posts. I had no idea there was more to gems and stones than their physical beauty.

  5. I put a couple of red jasper stones in my pocket on certain days at work when I know that, ahem…..particularly difficult people are going to be coming in. I’m sensitive to people’s energy and these little stones help my break their negative vibes before they enter my “field.” So helpful.

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