Sticky Business

Don’t smother each other. No one can grow in the shade. ~Leo Buscaglia, American author and motivational speaker

Tell me I’m witty, clever, and pretty.
Tell me I make your world whole.
Tell me you love me, say it out loud.
Buy me more flowers and gold.

Take me with you whenever you can.
Call me from work every day.
Surprise me with baubles, trinkets, and such.
Never neglect me in any way.

They don’t call me diva for nothing, you know.
I’m needy, demanding, and rare.
I expect your attention, presence, and heed.
My pleasure, your only care.

(Some people are just like honeysuckle vines
And won’t stand on their own two feet.)

Reply to my texts the minute you see them.
Answer my calls when I ring.
Don’t make plans with your friends on Saturday night,
Only to me shall you cling.

I don’t like fishing or sports or hunting,
Don’t bore me with lifting weights.
Your job is simple: make sure I’m happy,
And the wolf’s away from the gates.

High maintenance? Yes, but I’m worth it, you know,
What else would you do with your time?
Look how much pleasure I bring to your life.
Without me, you’re not worth a dime.

(Are you sure you want such a sticky bond?
I’d beat a path ‘cross the street!)

Note: I’ve known people like this, haven’t you? They’re clingy and demanding; nothing but complete adoration will keep them satisfied (and even that sometimes isn’t enough).