A Sports Fan’s Lament

Most games are lost, not won. ~Casey Stengel, American baseball player and manager

You sucked me in.
Ignited my enthusiasm
With teasing tweets and
Hopeful news stories.

You sucked me in
With all your pageantry
Of school colors and fight songs
Then left me hoarse with spirit cheers.

You sucked me in.
I had no choice really.
This business of being a fan
Demands total allegiance.

You sucked me in.
In every competition there’s
A winner and a non-winner.
No such thing as losers, of course.

You sucked me in.
Duped me with expectations for victory.
Ran up the score until I knew
Non-winning wasn’t an option for us.

You sucked me in.
Then gave up … wimped out.
Turned over the ball, failed to score,
Came up short when the clock ran to zero.

Never mind … perhaps next week we’ll win!

30 thoughts on “A Sports Fan’s Lament

    • As a lifelong Cubs fan, I can appreciate optimism! I guess it’s probably hardest on those fans who repeatedly buy season tickets, hoping for wins and settling for losses. Sometimes it’s easier yelling at the television set in the privacy of my own home! Thanks for your compliment, Kb!

  1. As a very casual fan of the Houston Texans for several years, I know the dynamic well. I don’t wear team colors, or jerseys, or join the tailgaters, but I do hope for them to win, and there was that time…and that time…and that time… But they won last Sunday, which means if they win one more game this year, they will have equalled their winning record from a couple of years ago.

    What I do appreciate is how well you captured what it must be like for a true fan. It’s nice to see it in poetic form!

    • The poor Texans. You’d think with the NFL’s fairly equal system of picking players, every team would be more balanced — as opposed to college football, where the very best players all seem to want to go to ‘Bama!! I’m glad to hear you liked this one, Linda.

  2. Ha! A brilliant expression of the pain of being a sports fan! But it’s so great on those occasions when our team or hero does win! And maybe it’d get boring if they won every time… 😉

    • We all want to be winners, don’t we? Or, at least, have our guy or team come out victorious. But anybody can have a bad day, and any opponent can take advantage of weaknesses, leaving us on the “losing” side. Hmm, you really think it would be boring to win all the time?? Really? Eh, I’m not totally sure … I, for one, would like to try it out and see for myself, ha!

  3. Debbie, you are so dang creative with these poems. This was faaaaaaabulous!

    Personally, I’m not a sports fan but I live in a city that is all about the sports. However, Philly sports fans are notorious for being the worst in the U.S. because they are VERY poor losers. They actually get violent and start fist fights in the stadium, I kid you not. They are outright nasty to the opposing team fans whenever they play a home game here. Truly, it’s embarrassing how they act.

    Thank god they won last Sunday, that’s all I can say – ha!

    Have a grrrrrreat weekend, my friend!

    • I got a kick out of hearing that Philly fans are so rabid, Ron. We’re pretty much the same way in the SEC. I guess we’ve become accustomed to winning and nothing less passes muster. Perhaps we all need to remind ourselves that some of these guys are, after all, barely out of high school.

      Thanks for your kind words on my poetry, my friend. Happy weekend to you — Fall arrives next week!!! xx

  4. I like this playful sports poem! I’m not a sports fan of any teams (excepts kids in school), but my significant other is a true baseball nut. He has two teams: Baltimore Orioles and Houston Astros. He’s also a huge football fan. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the Cubs 🙂

  5. You totally captured the highs and lows of sports fans! I’m not a big watcher of sports games but I do enjoy competition shows like America’s Got Talent and it’s got its share of ups and downs 😉

    • Funny, but I rarely watch shows like The Voice or Dancing with the Stars. But I’m glad it comes across that I’m a huge fan of sports!! Thanks for stopping by, Christy!

    • ‘Tis becoming a sad season for the Irish, Mo. Domer seems to think letting BVG go might be a positive, but only time will tell. If that doesn’t work, we might be looking for a new head coach — eek!!!

  6. LOL – been there. But then I think even in losing, teams need support. Although being hoarse from cheering in celebration is more fun than its opposite.

    • That’s so true, Barb! I hate when half the student section disperses at halftime, winning or losing. Surely they could hold off on their victory dance (or their pity party) another half hour or so??!

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