Chicago Botanic Garden #1

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. ~Hanna Rion, American artist

There’s nothing better for one’s soul than strolling through an extensive garden, taking in the beauty of nature and releasing burdens of worry, care, or fear.

Come with me while I show you bits and pieces of the Chicago Botanic Garden during my recent trip to see Domer:

Lots of Fall mums

Lots of Fall mums

Veggies lined up like soldiers

Veggies lined up like soldiers

A grove of white birches

A grove of white birches

Shasta Daisies

Shasta Daisies

Sneezeweed (something in the Aster family)

Sneezeweed (something in the Aster family) and Scarlet Sage



Fuschia in immense hanging baskets

Fuschia in immense hanging baskets

Ornamental peppers

Ornamental peppers

Spur flower ( a member of the Mint family)

Spur flower ( a member of the Mint family)

Pumpkins -- not growing like this, but merely for display purposes

Pumpkins — not growing like this, but merely for display purposes

P.S. I’ll be back soon with more!


25 thoughts on “Chicago Botanic Garden #1

    • Glad to have you along! Be safe on your trip, and I hope you get to see lots of Fall color (ours doesn’t peak until later this month; in fact, very little is turning right now).

    • HaHa! After I saw its identifying sign, I backed far away, just in case! I imagine there are LOTS of weeds — many in “bloom” right now — that could share its name! Thank goodness for Allegra.

  1. Oh, what STUNNING photographs, Debbie! When I first saw them, I kept thinking I was looking at flowers at the beginning of Spring because of how bright, colorful, and spring-like they were. The colors you captured are gorgeous!

    I especially love the final photograph of the pumpkins because you know me…..I ADORE pumpkins!

    Thanks so much for sharing your day walking the gardens. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

    • Thanks for indulging me, Ron! The weather was practically perfect for an all-day stroll through this beautiful garden, and both Domer and I agreed we came away refreshed and at peace.

      Like you, I love pumpkins, and even though these weren’t on the vine, I had to snap their picture. They were just begging for it, you know!

      I’ll put Part 2 up on Sunday. Hope you’re not in Matthew’s path, my friend — be safe out there!! xo

  2. Oh,, bless you for the soul restoration this morning, Debbie. I couldn’t agree more with the quote and your sharing the beauty. How beautiful!

  3. How gorgeous! I wish I could live in a garden. I’ve so wanted to visit the Ft. Worth botanical gardens and the change of seasons is the perfect time to linger. Thank you for the beautiful glimpse into this wonderful garden.

    • I’m so glad my pictures conveyed its beauty! There were sooo many things to see that I’m having to do it in two parts (Part 2 is on Sunday). It’s been years since I was at the Ft. Worth botanical gardens, but I remember it as gorgeous. You probably need a visit!!

  4. Good morning! I’m a little behind in reading because I’ve been working like a demon possessed to make some work deadlines, so I can make my own little trip! I’ll catch up with you tonight — I see part 2 is up, too, so there will be plenty of beauties to enjoy!

    • No pressure from here, Linda. I certainly understand “busy”!! Hope you’re able to meet your deadlines, and that you’ll have a safe, enjoyable trip.

  5. Here I am! I’m always glad to come back to your posts — there’s so much beauty here. I especially like the birches. I think that’s my favorite of these photos. On the other hand, the mix of colored flowers in what seems to be a replica of my grandmother’s cutting garden is just wonderful.

    Here in Arkansas, there’s lots of goldenrod and sunflowers blooming, while the trees are getting just a flush of color. The best part is that the temperatures are cooler, and there’s no humidity. That’s enough to make me happy!

    This morning, I opened the curtains and found a flock of Canada geese munching in the grass. I suppose they’re traveling, too — they may get to Texas before I do!

    • Glad to hear you’re traveling safely … and having fun! I love the birches, too. We used to have one, but somewhere along the line, we had to have it removed (some sort or pest, I believe). Anyway, this stand of them actually caused me to stop and gape!

  6. I love the Chicago Botanic Gardens as I lived near there for many years and took my kids there on many iccassions. Thanks for the lovely photos and memories.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by … and letting me know you did! This was my first trip to the Botanic Garden, despite my living just a few hours away. What a lovely place to take kids and let them experience nature’s beauty!

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