Last Mercury Retrograde of 2016


Caution is needed
Mercury now retrograde
Applecart upset

Note: Mercury is retrograde until Jan. 8, 2017. Some believe this is a time of snarled communications and faulty judgment, a time when we must not enter into binding contracts, new jobs, or new relationships. Whether you believe all that or not, I suppose lying low is prudent.

24 thoughts on “Last Mercury Retrograde of 2016

  1. Just out of curiosity, when did it start? I have a friend who’s a firm believer, and she just had a weekend when everything — everything — went perfectly. My thought is that, if Mercury hadn’t yet gone retrograde, it could be a different kind of proof that there’s something to it!

    • Linda, the best info I could find says Mercury went retrograde early this morning and will be in that state for three weeks. Astrologers get real technical about this sort of thing. They seem to love charts and such that detail a “shadow period” before and after the actual retrograde period. And in some cases, the retrograde can — as your friend found out — lead to a lot of perfect things, thanks to our taking time to reassess, reconsider, and such. While many of us tend to value new things and situations, Mercury Retrograde offers us a chance to revisit and reassess, to redirect our energies so they’re more effective. And that’s not really so bad, you know!

  2. “Caution is needed
    Mercury now retrograde
    Applecart upset”

    Wise advice, Debbie! And like the Note says, it’s best to lay low and not make any major changes while Mercury is retrograde. This affects all of us, however, there are certain astrological signs that are more so affected. It depends on the cycle.

    Thanks for sharing this, my friend! Have a faaaaaabulous week! X

    P.S Gosh, can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?

    • Ron, thank YOU for verifying my research. I’m usually a bit jumpy during Mercury Retrograde, probably because of the likelihood of communication problems. Missed mail, computer crashes, and the like aren’t my favorite things to deal with!

      Yes, I saw on TV this morning that Christmas Eve is just FIVE days away — wow! I imagine you feel the anxiety of shoppers trying to find just the right presents when they’ve already waited too long. Perhaps they were waiting for prices to go down??

      Happy week to you! xo

    • Thanks, FF! Glad you liked it. As for Mercury, well, it does retrograde four times a year on average, so yes, by the time we’re done with one, it’s nearly time for another. And since it’s motion isn’t something we can control, we do what we can to keep ourselves on an even keel!

    • We get some really interesting clouds here, Professor. And actually, I took this shot several weeks ago but at the time, I didn’t know what to do with it. Looks like a perfect rendition of hunkering low to me!

  3. I approach MIR with a sense of fun and adventure. But today it was a challenge. I forgot an important bag. Twice. Costing us about 45 minutes in backtracking time;lost my keys in my car; had a bag of dogfood split open in the middle of the sidewalk; Starbucks screwed up my coffee not once but twice; I sent everyone into panic mode with I misread a text, and if there was a turn I could miss, I did. My travel partner was ready to sell me to the gypsies. So. Today Mercury reminded me that while I barrel towards the bigger picture, paying attention to the details will make the ride smoother. Fine.Boing. But I get it. But one of those wrong turns did take us by a beautiful display of lights…(I carefully mumbled under my breath, So there Mercury!)

    • Bless your heart, sounds like a beastly day!! You know, at this hectic time of year, ’tis hard enough keeping our cool without adding lost keys, misread texts, incorrect orders, and the like to the mix. Hang in there, my friend. As Pooh said, “You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”!!!

  4. Well I’m not sure about the dangers of retrograde, but it’s an excellent excuse to do nothing… I’m getting pretty good at that 🙂 interesting about the miscommunication because I had some of that yesterday.

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