22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. That’s another sure sign of the coming of spring, isn’t it? The shedding of the winter coat? Dixie Rose is up to the same tricks, and the result is here, there, and everywhere!

    • Shelties “blow coat” once or twice a year, so at those times, the fur is everywhere! They can’t help it. About all we owners can do is brush them as often as we can (or as they’ll tolerate!), and make sure we keep the furs picked up. Dallas has an exceptionally heavy coat (thanks to his sire), but he always gets compliments on it!

  2. Bwhahahahahahaha! OMG Dallas, this made me laugh!!! How ADORABLE you are!!!

    Thanks so much for the laughs and the sweetness! And tell Mama I said, Have a grrrreat Wednesday!

    X to you both

    • Thanks so much, Ron. Glad we were able to tickle your fancy this morning!

      Actually, this is a comparatively small pile of Sheltie fur. There have been times when I haven’t been able to groom him as often as needed, and I’ve filled half a Wal-Mart sack with leftover furs! Too bad we can’t donate it to “slick” doggies like Chihuahuas who are constantly cold. As it is, sometimes we drop a few pieces outside for the birds to line their nests! Enjoy your week, my friend! xo

    • Great idea, but I know nothing about spinning! Still, it would be nice to have something to remind me of him when he’s no longer here. None of them live forever, you know. Sigh.

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