Don’t Call Me Old!

Dallas here.

Bet you missed me, right?

Well, I’ve missed you all, that’s for sure, and it’s high time Mama let me take over her blog!

You’ll be happy to hear I passed my annual physical exam with flying colors … almost.

Why doggies need a test on a once-a-year basis is beyond me, but Mama and Dogtur insisted.

Talk about indignities!

First, Dogtur checked me all over, mashing here, looking there. When I was lulled into compliance, she shoved a ginormous stick up my behind, telling Mama she needed to check my temperature.

Really? I’m healthy, not sick.

Then Dogtur gave me not one, but three, shots to ward off diseases that I don’t want (and can’t spell).

Wonder what they do to sick dogs?

Then the FUN started. Mama opened her yap and announced one of my eyes has been draining more than usual, causing Dogtur to go poking around there. Would you believe she stuck a piece of paper in my eye — try that and see what hurt is!

From the results, Dogtur told Mama I have something called “dry eye.”

She’s nuts. My eye isn’t too dry, it’s too wet! That’s why it’s draining.

Anyway, Dogtur told Mama to put drops in both of my eyes two times a day. The prescription for this fancy gel solution designed to help me make tears was going to cost $50 a bottle!

Not that I’m not worth it, but Mama kind of hesitated … mostly because she didn’t think I’d let her put drops in my eyes at all, regardless of whether they cost a small fortune.

So Dogtur and Mama agreed to test the water, so to speak, with people drops to see if that works. It’s a nuisance, but Mama’s getting the hang of it and I’m helping her.

Most of the time.

I don’t want to go blind, and the whites of a Sheltie’s eye should be white.

Not red.

You know, this getting-older thing is hard for us doggies, too.

27 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me Old!

    • Thanks, Miss Virginia! Mama says the white parts aren’t as red as before, so those drops must be helping. I hate the thought of having to continue letting Mama put them in, but maybe she enjoys it, hee hee!!

  1. Hey Dallas! Of course we have all missed you! I’m glad you got through your check up almost unscathed. Those eye drops can’t be much fun, what a good doggo you are for letting momma put them in. Sending you lots of hugs and hope you get well soon.

  2. Dear Dallas

    We totally understand what you mean! When Tuppence went to the vet a couple of weeks ago, the vet referred to her as “elderly”!!! Elderly!! She’s eight! Well, I can tell you she called the vet a few choice names too and not just about her age! And as for indignity! The vet then shaved one of her legs – just one! Have you ever had to wander around with one skinny bare leg? Every cat in the neighbourhood has been laughing at her, and every time our servant sees her she says “Aww! My poor wee baby! Poor wee leg!” and other such disrepectful stuff. Tuppence is plotting to capture the vet and shave one of her legs and see how she likes it!

    However, the vet’s actions, while unforgivable, do seem to have made Tuppence’s leg better, so hopefully your Dogtur will manage to get rid of your eye problem…

    Tommy and Tuppence xx

    • Poor Tuppence. That must truly be awful, both having to wear that shaved leg and having the other kitties snicker about it. If you need help with your revenge plot, just meow and I’ll be over … after all, I’m learning ALL Mama’s tricks at holding down somebody who doesn’t want to be “treated”!!

      As far as being “elderly” — well, humph! What do these vets know, right? I’m ten, and they refer to me as a “senior” dog. Kind of like they expect me to need a walking stick and extra-soft food. The very idea!! It’s demeaning, is what it is. And having Mama clap her hands over my ears so I don’t hear them talking about my age doesn’t help one bit!!

      Love from across the pond, Dallas

  3. Before I had my cataract surgery, my doctor wanted me to start using those special eye drops, too. I suppose they were different than yours, but they were gel-like, and they were supposed to help my eyes make tears. Your $50 was a bargain! One prescription for me — just a month’s worth — was $300, and my insurance wouldn’t pay for it. Needless to say, I found an alternative, and it’s working fine, for about $11 a month.

    Healthy is good! but sometimes healthy can happen without so many fancy things. I hope you do very, very well with your drops!

    • $300 a month?? Oh, Miss Linda, that’s exorbitant (as Mama would say!!). We’re all for health around here, but you’re so right. The natural and inexpensive ways to health are far easier to stomach than the expensive, painful ones. So far, the people drops (the store brand, even) seem to be working just fine. My eyes aren’t as runny, and the white parts are mostly white again. Dogtur says this will be a for-the-rest-of-my-life thing. When there are so manny doggies on much harsher regimens than this, I’m counting my blessings!

  4. Yes Dallas, your doggone right I missed you 🙂 And I was soooooooooo happy when I saw on my reader that you posted today!!!!

    “You’ll be happy to hear I passed my annual physical exam with flying colors … almost.”

    *applause and cheers*

    Oh what GREAT news! However, I’m not surprised because you have always looked to me (from your pictures) that you are very healthy and well-taken care of.

    ” she shoved a ginormous stick up my behind, telling Mama she needed to check my temperature.”

    HAHAHAHAHA! You crack me up!!

    Hope the people drops work at fixing your “dry eye.” Be sure to keep us posted, okay?

    Great hearing from you, Dallas. I ALWAYS enjoy your posts!

    Have a great week, and please tell Mama I said hello.

    Woof and love to you and Mama X

    • Thanks, Mr. Ron. Glad I brought a chuckle to you today! It wasn’t much fun for me though, as you can imagine.

      So far, Mama seems pleased with the people drops. They’re gel-based, and that seems easier for her to administer. Of course, I squint like crazy when I see her uncapping the bottle, but I haven’t tried running away from her yet (I’m far too well-behaved for THAT!!) And, as she keeps reminding me, I don’t want to go blind (I have no idea what that means, but it sounds pretty awful).

      Hope your week is going well. Licks from me and hugs from Mama! xo

    • Miss Barbara, I can’t tell Mama when it hurts (or even if it hurts), so I have to trust her and Dogtur that these drops will help me. Looking on the bright side, this is a minor adjustment, one Mama and I are happy to make so I can keep seeing!

    • Thanks, Miss Audrey. Yes, I’m lucky to have such a good mama, even if I don’t like having drops dripped into my eyes. Mama keeps telling me this could be way worse, so there’s that, too. Happy Hump Day!

  5. Oh dear. Katie has had any number of eye infections, she arrived as a puppy with an eye infection, so we are all about giving eye drops and let me tell you she does not cooperate at all, so you are a very good boy! I hope the human drops help! You are right, getting old is no fun for dog or human!

    • Thanks, Miss Dawn. I’m lucky not to have had any eye infections; this dry eye stuff is bad enough. Hugs to you and licky-kisses to the Princess!

  6. Hi Dallas. Dry eyes seem to be showing up a lot this year. Mostly being attributed to allergies, which have been rampant this year. Benadryl and just the regular human saline eye drop has helped a lot at camp.
    Note to Mom -This may be old news but checkout Pet Med’s online if you have to buy the more expensive eye drop, sometimes you can save a bundle.
    Of course you aren’t old. We just had a 17 year old Sheltie at camp, and Linus was very spry! He dined on pasta with chicken for breakfast and dinner…you have a lot to look forward too!

    • Miss Katybeth, you’ve made my day … maybe my year! Chicken for breakfast and dinner sounds lovely, and I’ll have to mention that to Mama. She does a pretty good job spoiling me (but don’t tell her I said so — we don’t want her easing up on those efforts, hee hee!) Seventeen? Hmm, that’s something to shoot for. I think my mama’s last Sheltie was up in the teens before he crossed the Bridge as well. Thanks for the info about the allergies — somehow, misery loves company. And yes, I’ll put in a good word for Pet Meds with Mama.

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