The Sky

A pessimist sees only the dark side of the clouds, and mopes; a philosopher sees both sides, and shrugs; an optimist doesn’t see the clouds at all — he’s walking on them. ~Leonard Louis Levinson, author

Always hanging over us
Breath-taking views
Cloudy occasionally
Downpours, too.

Ever changing appearance
Foggy mornings with dew
Generously providing
Healing for our moods.

I often glance upward
Just to see the skies
Kind of a pasttime
Looking at the sunrise.

My search is rewarded
Now with this scene
Of sunlight diffused
Prisms that gleam.

Queer the fuss we make over
Retrograding Mercury and
Sporadic solar eclipses
That prompt us all to look

Upward until
We realize that once again
Xtremes of nature

Yell loudly while the commonplace
Zips along unnoticed.


Note: This is a poetic form known as the A-B-C Poem. First one I’ve ever tried, and it was harder than I expected!

16 thoughts on “The Sky

  1. Very clever – I can imagine that wasn’t easy to do! I do love a dark cloudy sky – so much more dramatic and atmospheric than blue skies, white fluffy clouds and sunshine. Just as well I feel that way really, living in Scotland… 😉

    • Do you have “permacloud” overhead, FF? I tend to prefer clear skies — well, maybe with a few puffy white clouds — but you’re right. Some of these darkened skies do bring more drama!

    • Ha, Linda! I’m glad it finally made some sense. I had an idea where I wanted to go with this one, but making the words come out just right was a challenge. I’m rather disappointed I didn’t get an eclipse picture, but we had lots of clouds. Probably just as well. That way, I could see it on TV in sunnier climates — and it was spectacular!

  2. Very nice, Debbie! This is a neat poem type, I have another blogging friend, Just Joan who is always delving into the many poetic forms and does such an amazing job of it. It is very difficult writing within a structure. The first mention of “rules” seems to eradicate any creativity that I might have, ha ha. The sky is truly a gift and sometimes we do take for granted what is right in front of us.

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