Love … or Not!

Cats are dangerous companions for writers because cat watching is a near-perfect method of writing avoidance. ~Dan Greenburg, American writer

There once was a caramel-colored cat

Who discovered a lass as she sat

He snuggled up close

She thought he was gross

And that was the end of that!


21 thoughts on “Love … or Not!

  1. For a minute, I thought that white cat was ceramic. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a perfectly white one. But it must be alive, since it’s in a different position in each photo. Even now, it looks like a statue in the first and third photos. I’d have been as curious as Mr. Caramel!

    • It’s definitely alive, Linda. Instead of writing on book two, I sat there watching the show, wondering if Mr. Caramel would have any luck getting a date for the weekend. Obviously, he didn’t! He was “screaming” pretty loud though.

  2. Bwhahahahahahahahaha!

    OMG Debbie, I’m sitting here sipping my morning coffee, spewing it all over my computer monitor laughing my arse off at this HILARIOUS post!

    Your words and the photographs are so cleverly BRILLIANT!

    And being someone who has had cats, you are so spot on about the their “attitude”, which is why I love them so much.

    Thanks so much for the morning laugh, my friend!

    Have a super weekend!

    • Ron, I hope you’ve managed to clean the spewed-out coffee from between your computer’s keys! Sorry about that, my friend.

      Wasn’t this a hoot? I’ve never had a cat, other than the one that adopted me for a couple of months when I was living in Texas, so I know little about them. Part of me is afraid of them; the other part is fascinated by their behavior. You probably could have told me how this was going to play out, right?

      Have yourself a splendid weekend!!

    • Virginia, I rather felt sorry for Mr. Caramel. He did his darnedest, but this fluffy lass wasn’t having any part of it. Despite his attempts at snuggling, meowing, tail-wagging, and so forth, she kept giving him a disdainful look. Poor thing!

    • I’m glad Tuppence could relate to this one, FF!! Perhaps Mr. Caramel is thinking, “Parting is such sweet sorrow,” but I doubt it. He looked to me as if he was already busy plotting how he could change her mind!!

  3. So funny, the fluffy female cat has some attitude, lol! I’m a cat owner, I’ve owned cats since I could walk. I love them. Actually, I have too many. All rescues. Plus my son’s dog and my mother’s dog. I should be writing animal care books, lol. Cats are so comical and quite fun to watch, I know you enjoyed it. 😀

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