Haiku Times Two

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~Lao Tzu, ancient Chinese philosopher and writer

Mr. Grasshopper,
What do you think you’re doing
Clinging to that wall?

Madam, I’m merely
Trying to see if this brick
Makes a sturdy house.

12 thoughts on “Haiku Times Two

    • Glad you liked it, Ron. He seemed to be enjoying the sun — probably felt nice and warm to him. I didn’t think he’d actually pose for me, but I was wrong. Perhaps he *wanted* to be on my blog, ha!! xx

  1. What a great combination of image and words. I do like grasshoppers, although the can make me jump when I stir some up unexpectedly. This one seems quite accomodating — maybe he’s surprised to have been found out in the open, and is thinking, “If I just stay very, very still…”

    • Thank you, Linda. I’m not sure there’s a poetic form called “double Haiku,” but I’m glad to hear my efforts worked! As for Mr. Grasshopper, usually, these things make me squirm a bit. I don’t particularly like the tobacco juice they spit out, nor the unexpected jumping. But this one seemed amenable to posing for the photo — who knows? Maybe he’d never experienced a camera pointing at him before!

  2. Hehe – love the double haiku! And what a great picture! Is that about real size? We don’t have grasshoppers… at least, as far as I know we don’t. I’m so hopeless about nature…

    • Glad you enjoyed my Haikus, FF. I didn’t blow this photo up. Grasshoppers range from two to five inches in length, so we’re not talking about a tiny critter! Fortunately, they only eat plants — not humans or pets! I’m amazed he sat so still for his portrait, ha!

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