Nature is Industrious

God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest. ~J.G. Holland, American novelist and poet

Clever Miss Spider
Spinning a delicate web
To catch her dinner.

Note: This is my interpretation for the weekly Photo Challenge by Word Press. The idea is to take something familiar and make it look Out of This World. I took this shot early one summer’s morning after a particularly heavy dew (hence, the cottonball objects scattered throughout!).

17 thoughts on “Nature is Industrious

  1. Debbie, what a stunning photograph! Outstanding capture! Isn’t it amazing how spiders weave their webs, which are so intricate. They’re so delicate yet, at the same time…so strong.

    Wonderful photo challengel, my friend! Brava!

    Happy Wednesday!

    • I’m glad you liked it, Ron. I wasn’t exactly ecstatic about seeing this immense web, but at least it wasn’t inside the house, ha! And I didn’t see the spider either — it was probably hunkering down and waiting for dinner.

      Can you believe it’s almost another weekend? Hope you enjoy yours (and those brisk winds we’re sending your way don’t blow you around too much!) xx

  2. What a fantastic photo, Debbie! And what a fantastic web too – that spider has clearly been practicing! I can almost forgive spiders being so horribly creepy-crawly for their skill as web-weavers…

    • So true, FF. I wish I’d been able to watch while the spinning was taking place, but I guess spiders are pretty shy about stuff like that. She (or he) did a wicked good job though, huh?!

  3. I love bejeweled spider webs, and this is a good one. The spider who wove this no doubt was an orb weaver, and planets are called orbs (that move in orb-its!) so I’d say this is a perfect contribution for the “out of this world” theme!

    • Thank you, Linda. Those are mighty welcome words of praise! Yes, I do believe this was an orb weaver, and I appreciate your making the “out of this world” connection. Sometimes these Photo Challenges call for a bit of stretch. We have a whole week to come up with something that fits the theme, but many times the weather just doesn’t cooperate. I know you know what I’m talking about. That line of rain has extended from Dallas clear to Pennsylvania for days on end now.

  4. The handiwork of a spider always amazes me. This is a beautiful web! Clever poem too!
    My mother often quotes Sir Walter Scott (in fact just today) “Once you practice to deceive ohhhhhhh what an ugly web you weave.” I have no idea what she is talking about—I’m certain she gave me the boots I brought back from New Mexico—or she meant too!

    • Thanks, Kb. I’m glad I was able to spot this web — before running smack into it, ha! I love your dear mom’s quote and remember hearing it for many years. I think it’s something the nuns used to remind us. As for the boots — I sense a story here. Are you admitting you played gypsy with your mom’s footwear?!?!

    • Thanks, Virginia. I didn’t see the spider, but I’d have loved congratulating it on its handiwork! Such gossamer threads, yet so sticky and strong.

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