Wishing, Hoping

Hope is the physician of each misery. ~Irish Proverb

Fed up with winter

Longing for warm sandy beach

Need a vacation!

Note: This is my rendition of I’d Rather Be…, WordPress’s Photo Challenge for the week. We’re supposed to photograph something we’d rather be doing, or a place we’d rather be, right now. Mine is on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and I suspect I’m not the only one eager for a change in seasons!

15 thoughts on “Wishing, Hoping

  1. That sand looks wonderful. It’s so different from ours. I wouldn’t mind being on the beach, but I’m going to wait until the spring breakers leave. It’s a little chaotic around here just now. Besides, it’s going to rain all weekend — of course.

    • Those white sandy beaches are man-made, Linda, and encompass miles and miles along the Gulf. I used to walk and walk along the water and never tire of the view. Of course, I didn’t take my long-haired dog along (even when he was a pup) because I didn’t want the aggravation of bathing him afterward! We’re awaiting rain for the weekend, too. A cold rain. I imagine our farmers are itching to get out in the fields and do some planting.

  2. Beeeeautiful shot, Debbie! Reminds me of the years I spent living in Boca Raton, Florida. only two miles from the beach. The beaches there are just gorgeous!

    Even me, someone who loves both Autumn and Winter, I’m also looking forward to Spring.

    Soon, my friend. Soon 🙂

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Ron, I’m glad my photo brought some good times to mind for you. Isn’t it wonderful living so close to the water? I think I miss that, living inland as I do. No, I’m not fond of hurricanes, but one can always pack up and leave for the duration, right?!

      I’m a BIG fan of Autumn but not so much of Winter. I guess that’s why Spring appeals so much to me, it’s an end of Winter, ha!

      Enjoy your weekend — and watch out for those Nor’Easters! xx

    • Why, thank you, ma’am — and thanks for stopping by! Might you be a bit Irish, too? I notice you’re a Georgia Bulldog. I’m an Ole Miss Rebel, but we’ve had so much bad luck of late I’ll not taunt you!! Now I’ll hop on over and see more of your blog. Feel free to return here anytime — always nice to meet new online friends!

      • You are welcome. My Irish ancestors came to America many generations ago. My husband also has Irish heritage. Visiting Ireland is high on our bucket list! We went to Ole Miss when Georgia played them a couple of years ago. Loved Oxford – I posted about it on the blog.

        • I’m itching to get to Ireland, too! I was there briefly (and posted about it), but I want a longer visit. Glad Oxford treated you right — it’s grown a lot in recent years.

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