Bottoms Up!

Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza. ~Dave Barry, American author and columnist

Highly unlikely

I’ll start brewing craft beer soon

But what a great name!!

Note: This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme is Unlikely. We’re asked to capture the unexpected, the everyday in an unlikely place, the unpredictable. My pen name is O’Shea, and when I spied this Irish stout on the grocery shelves recently, I knew I needed its photo. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get back to Ireland and look up the brewers!

17 thoughts on “Bottoms Up!

    • I confess I didn’t buy this pack and now the store is closed for remodeling. Once it reopens, I’ll have to check and see whether they still carry O’Shea’s. Not that I’m a beer drinker these days, but Dave Barry’s quote holds some fond memories from when I was just out of college!

  1. HA! What a PERFECT name, Debbie! As you know from several of my posts, Philly has a TON of Irish Pubs; especially in the area I live. My brother and I went to several when he was here visiting over a year ago. I don’t drink beer, however, I love the food in Irish Pubs. I’ve been to one called, McGillin’s Olde Ale House, and had their burgers and fries. OMG…they were so delicious!

    Hope you’re having a fab week, my friend! We just got hit with a horrible heatwave which will continue through the next two days. Tomorrow the temperature will rise to 95 degrees. And it’s MAY!?!?!


    • I do remember that, Ron! When Domer and I went on that ill-fated trip to Ireland, we stopped at an Irish pub where the food was delicious, too. I think fish and chips was on the menu then.

      Oh, I sympathize with that heat wave. We seem to have bypassed Spring entirely; our temps went up into the 80s and the humidity was awful! Then we had a couple of days of strong thunderstorms. I pity the trees, flowers, and birds because they don’t seem to know what’s happening! xx

  2. Well, we have a little something in common here — sort of. My name is a shortening of Leinenkugel, the name of the Wisconsin brewery that produces one of my favorite summer drinks: the shandy. It’s a combination of beer with lemon or orange, and it’s delightful. It’s light, and really thirst-quenching, which is important down here in the summer!

    • I’ve never heard of a shandy! I imagine something that refreshing would hit the spot on a hot day — citrus is good about that, with the added benefit that it’s GOOD for you!

      Isn’t it fun having a brewery named after you (sort of, anyway!)? I think I’d enjoy the one with lemonade in it. Did you see the similarity between your gravatar and their logo??

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