Snow Zoomies*

Nothing like some snow

To send even an old dog

Into wild zoomies!

Note: This is my interpretation of Liquid, the WordPress Photo Challenge for the week. We’re supposed to share a photo of liquid in whatever state we’d like. If memory serves me correctly, this shot from December 2014 captured one of our early snowfalls, and my dog gleefully joined me outside as big, fat flakes swirled down from the sky.

*The “zoomies” are sudden bursts of crazy energy that are totally normal for healthy dogs.

20 thoughts on “Snow Zoomies*

    • Isn’t it wonderful to see them having so much fun?!? Shows that people, too, can still enjoy Life as they age (though few humans ever get the zoomies, ha!!)

  1. “The “zoomies” are sudden bursts of crazy energy that are totally normal for healthy dogs.”

    HA! I’ve never heard of that word, Debbie, but I must be a dog because snowfall causes me to act ZOOMIE as well! As you know, I LOVE snow!

    I’m glad you mentioned that this photograph was taken back in December because when I first saw it I immediately thought that you had a snowfall recently. Although, I don’t know why that would surprise me, considering that this Spring as been so strange and bipolar.

    Have a great rest of your week, my friend!

    X to you and Dallas

    • HaHa, thank you, Ron! No snow here of late. I think Easter Day was our last snow, and even that seems late to me. We’ve been HOT — in the 80s — which I understand is perfect for growing corn. I’ll have to get a photo of some of that soon!

      Dallas used to get the Zoomies much more when he was younger. He’d be playing and all of a sudden, he’d be streaking around the room like a furry ball! It was a hoot to watch! Then, when they left, he’d look at me as if to say, “What are you looking at?!”

      Happy Thursday, my friend! xo

    • “She’s” a HE, but no, he didn’t even try to catch the snowflakes — he was more interested in barking and chasing them (herding dog, don’t you know!!)

        • Understandable. John has three she’s, not Shelties, but still cute. Poor Dallas is always trying to herd something. He’s often successful at herding ME!!

    • Isn’t he cute and blurry?!! If I hadn’t been so intent on capturing a snowy photo, I’d have thought to get a video so you all could hear him barking!

  2. Dixie Rose used to get the zoomies, too — usually at 3 a.m. There’s nothing that a cat at full tilt around and around the house, with an occasional over-the-sleeping-person in the bed to add to the fun. Still, Dallas gets the best of it, since he gets to play Zoomies in the snow!

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