Mangled Again

Careless lawn service

Twisted metal spout again

Might need new glasses.

Note: This is my interpretation of Twisted, the WordPress Photo Challenge for the week. The exact opposite of a straight line, I suppose. Anyway, I took this one this morning, after the lawn guys ran over the gutter downspout yet again. Sign.

15 thoughts on “Mangled Again

  1. EXCELLENT photo challenge, Debbie!

    Yes..I would most definitely say that the lawn guy NEEDS new glasses! I’m surprised (especially after doing this TWICE) that he hasn’t offered to replace HIS mistake. Can you believe the careless work ethic of some people?

    Have a FAB weekend, my friend!

    X to you and Dallas

    • Ron, what’s irritating is that this is just ONE example of shoddy workmanship. He regularly blows grass clippings all over the windows, etc., too. My mom feels sorry for him (he’s not in the best of health), but I maintain we’re under no obligation to keep somebody employed who won’t/can’t do the work required. Yes, perhaps that’s heartless — so be it. It’s not like there aren’t a gazillion other lawn services, right?!

      Hope your holiday weekend is wonderful! xo

    • You know, Tanya, they never offer to reimburse homeowners for damages like this, either. I guess we’re supposed to be thankful it wasn’t any worse!

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