15 thoughts on “Hug for the Holidays

      • That’s interesting. I was afraid of dogs for years, myself. I didn’t start getting over it a bit until I was in high school. Now, I’ll occasionally feel some of that anxiety, but it’s usually quite rational — like when I meet a pit bull straining at its leash.

        • I was afraid of cats, a fear that grew when I tried to pet a litter of kitties and got rudely scratched! I’m still leary around them, too. I can understand the pit bull fear. Our neighbor has one, and I pray the fence holds it in its yard … far away from Dallas!

  1. Debbie, I LOVE the quote!!!

    I also LOVE the picture because, being that I think Dallas is the cutest dog in the whole wide world, I would love to give him a big, cuddly hug!

    And I love how it looks as though Dallas is smiling 🙂

    Have a fantastic week, my friend!

    • That quote puts a lot of things in perspective, doesn’t it, Ron? I mean, seeing ourselves through our pet’s eyes reminds us how trusting they are — and reading or hearing about people who abuse animals makes me see RED!!
      I like how Dallas is grinning in this shot, almost as if he’s exhaling with complete satisfaction to be in Domer’s embrace. Of course, we can’t see Domer’s face from this angle, but I’m pretty sure he was wearing a similar expression.
      Hope you enjoy this first full week of work in the new year! xo

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