Unwelcome Guest

Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were. ~Author Unknown

Come listen to the tale of a woodchuck pest
Who used my back yard shed as a nest.
He dug a deep hole,
Went out for a stroll,
And returned just in time for a much-needed rest.

Now Woody, or Chuck, or whatever his name
Probably decided I was onto his game.
He lay flat out
There was never a doubt
He was dead. What a shame, What a shame.

But hanging out clothes one Sunday fair
I heard a clink from the fence over there.
It was Woody, I know.
Or maybe her beau,
Dash into that lair with nary a glare.

I can only assume this rodent I dread
Was faking all along when I thought it was dead.
Didn’t mind all the flies,
Never opened its eyes.
Just knew it was safest underneath my shed.


Note: True story. Poetic form is a Limerick.

9 thoughts on “Unwelcome Guest

  1. A woodchuck playing possum! That’s a new one, but what a smart critter. Now, the only unanswered question is, “How much wood did your woodchuck chuck” while he was roaming around your back yard?

    • HaHa, you’d think he’d be scared off by Dallas, but I guess he’s prepared to defend his lair! I was surprised to hear they actually do play dead. Both my neighbor and I noticed him lying there, and both of us assumed he was a goner. In fact, we’d been talking about how to remove him and when we asked some workers to haul him off and they said they couldn’t find him, we figured a wild animal had got him. Guess not. But can you see what I’d have done, had I been hunkered down taking his photo and he’d leaped back to life?!?

  2. Debbie this was BRILLIANT! I don’t know HOW you think of these poems/limericks and get them to rhyme so cleverly!

    “Didn’t mind all the flies,
    Never opened its eyes.”

    HA! OMG…that is so cute!

    And btw, great photo capture of Mr. Wookchuck. He’s adorable!

    Thanks for the laughs, my friend. Have a super week! X

    • Ron, Domer, too, thinks Woody is cute. Perhaps he would be, were he NOT in my back yard!!

      I didn’t realize the woodchuck and the groundhog are basically the same critter. I guess New Englanders prefer the term woodchuck (not sure why I do because I’ve never lived in New England). They also call them whistlepigs.

      I read that when they’re hibernating, their breathing rate slows to one breath every SIX minutes — no wonder we thought the thing was dead, ha!

      Glad you enjoyed my silliness — have a wonderful week! xo

  3. Well, it seems Chuck needs to find another home if you are going to throw clever limericks at him.
    Not even a little cute? I love the quote at the top. Too true.

    • Oh, Kb, how I wish he’d find another home! Getting rid of the shed is our first plan of attack; however, I fear he’s tunneled underground for MILES, leaving us no option but to call a live animal trapper and have him relocated. And even then, *he* might be a *she* with dozens of wee ones eager to pop out and feast on the vegetation. Sigh.

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