A Red-faced Moment

You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm. ~Colette, French author

Have you ever done anything so insanely stupid that you cringe at the thought of telling another person about it?

Well, they say confession is good for the soul, so here goes:

Recently, I had a routine checkup with my ophthalmologist. I carried my eyeglasses in so they could make sure the prescription was still standing me in good stead.

Now, I have glasses for distance (driving, movies, etc.) as well as for mid-range (playing my flute, reading on my computer, etc.), and they look very much alike.

Reddish frames, similar lens shape, and even matching cases, as they were made by the same company.

I thought I was being very clever, keeping them in separate sections of my purse so I’d be able to tell the doctor or technician which pair was for which purpose.

When I got back home (yes, my checkup went fine, thanks!), I pulled out my flute to practice, but the music was blurry. In fact, I was better able to squint and see the notes without glasses than I could with them.


I called the eye doctor’s office and asked if they’d dilated my eyes.


After explaining my blurriness, I was told to put some drops in them, blink a few times, and if that didn’t help, call back the next day.

The drops helped … a little. But the blurriness persisted.

Finally it dawned on me to really look at the frames.

They were cute, but something was off.

Had the office mistakenly handed me the wrong glasses?

Finally, I went out to my car and brought my “distance” glasses in.

Cute also.

And when I tried to read my flute music with them on, the notes miraculously appeared!

Turns out, I’d put my mid-distance glasses in the car and brought the distance pair inside to read.

How embarrassing.

Okay, your turn. Anything dumb you’re willing to share?

22 thoughts on “A Red-faced Moment

  1. The good news is you still had both pair of glasses at hand. When I still had glasses, I tended to wander around a lot, looking for them. As for dumb things — there surely must be something. Let me make a cup of coffee and ponder this…

    ….The one that came to mind was the time I left home to visit the Sandyland Sanctuary, two hours away, and discovered I’d left home without a card in my camera when I got there. After I stopped reacting and started thinking, I realized there was a town twenty miles down the road that surely would have a Walmart. It did, and I discovered that yes, Walmart does sell SD cards for cameras. Hooray!

    I’ve done the same thing a couple of times since, but at least I learned my lesson, and have discovered it when I make a last check of the camera in the car before leaving.

    • Good ole Walmart — you can generally count on them to have a wide selection of stuff you might need (and plenty of stuff you don’t!) At least you didn’t have to go too far to remedy your goof. I’d have had to drive about 45 minutes there and back if I’d truly gotten my glasses mixed with somebody else’s.

  2. Switching similar cute frames is insanely stupid? Oh, please tell me you’ve done much worse? Like wearing similar but mismatched sandals for the day? Putting your phone in the vegetable drawer of the fridge? Walking into the wrong house for a pot luck–it was the house next door to the right house and unlocked. I greeted the dog (the right family did not own a dog ). I was setting up my food on the counter when the owners came into the kitchen—worse as I entered the house I directed another guest to bring her bike around back, so she was coming in the back door. Not noticing your kid was eating the Mom’s popcorn that was sitting next to you at a baseball ball game. She said we made her night. Come on Debbie! Surely you have done worse!! Never mind you will never beat me on insanely embarrassing moments—but they make such good stories and blog posts who even cares, right? Glad you can see clearly now!

    • This is just the latest in my red-faced moments, Kb. I’m too ashamed to write about all the missteps I perform on a regular basis. I’m blaming the most recent ones, of course, on Mercury Retrograde. I’m NOT typically scatter-brained, but perhaps I’ve just got too much on my plate right now.

      That said, you didn’t really walk right into your neighbor’s house, did you?? I’m convinced you’ve slipped on Erma Bombeck’s humor shawl for that story — too funny, my friend! But I know you handled it with grace — guess that’ll teach them to lock their doors!

  3. That made me giggle. I tell you–it is always something, right? And honestly — laughing at ourselves in situations like this is the best thing to do, isn’t it? And confession which is good for the soul. I do silly things all of the time so it is good to know I have good company.

    • I take consolation, Beth Ann, in the fact that I didn’t have to show my red face to a host of people at least! Still, situations like this remind me to laugh and be thankful it wasn’t any worse. Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one!

  4. Debbie, considering that both glasses look very similar, I think you deserve a break, especially since you won’t wearing any glasses at the time you make the mistake. HA!

    I wearing reading glass only, so for me the embarrassment comes when I take them off and place them on my head and then go into full panic mode when I think that I lost them and then discover they’re ON MY HEAD. And what’s really embarrassing is that when I do it while at work and one of my coworkers who spots them on my head says to me, Hey idiot…stop freaking out, your glasses are on top of your head!”

    Other embarrassing moments have been when I’ve accidentally walked into the lady’s restroom, thinking it was the MEN’S ROOM!

    Fun post, my friend! I hope you survived the heat over the weekend. I literally couldn’t move all weekend because it was so hot here (105 degrees on Sunday), so I stayed indoors and watched movies and edited photographs.

    Stay cool and have a super week!

    • Ron, you’re definitely NOT the only person to “lose”your glasses while they’re perched atop your head! I’ve seen that done countless times, and it always makes me giggle. But walking into the Lady’s room?? Now I can only imagine your embarrassment!

      Don’t fret, my friend. Cooler weather is heading your way! Today hasn’t even reached 80 degrees yet. After some showers this morning, the sun has peeked out and we have a nice northerly breeze. AND it’s supposed to be sunny and pleasant ALL week! xo

  5. Hahaha! Easily done and I’m gald you discovered what was wrong before too long! In the spirit of confession being good for the soul, I will admit on one occasion long ago rushing home from work late and stuffing the cat in the box to race to keep an appointment with the vet for his annual booster shots. Imagine my embarrassment on opening the box in the vet’s surgery only to find I’d brought the wrong cat! The vet looked at me as if I was crazy, and the cat, who’d already had her own shots the week before, was not at all pleased…

    • Oh dear. Poor Tommy (or was it Tuppence?) I can just imagine how frustrating that must have been — for all concerned. Except the “lucky” kitty who escaped shots for a bit longer than anybody intended! Now seriously — don’t you feel better getting that little tidbit off your shoulders?? No? Oh, sure you do. And we get a teeny chuckle at your expense, heehee!

  6. Shoot, my life is filled with such moments, like looking all over my house for my cell phone when it turns out I’ve been holding it all along. Sigh. Too much on our minds! Anyway, come visit my blog. Last week you asked about Oliver. Today I wrote about the little guy! Love to Dallas!

    • I’d prefer thinking we have too much on our minds, rather than “old” age lurking ’round the corner, ha! Glad I’m not the only one so afflicted though. Okay, hopping over to read about Oliver….

  7. Oh gosh I think everyone can relate to this post. I have 3 different pairs of glasses for extreme light sensitivity and I am always looking for 1 of them.

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