Bless Me, Father

May the blessing of Light be on you, light without and light within… ~Irish blessing

Dallas here.

Guess what? I got blessed!!

Holy water and prayer book

Today’s the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron of us animals (as well as merchants and ecologists).

When Mama heard her church was conducting a Blessing of the Pets on Thursday afternoon, she suggested we go.

Now I didn’t know about this blessing-business, but I’m always eager to be with Mama, so I agreed.

The first hurdle was getting there.

It was going to be held outside the church, on this large patio type of thing, and you have to climb a bazillion stairs.

Well. You know me and stairs.

I told Mama she’d have to taxi me up and down if she expected me to get blessed.

She said she wouldn’t carry me because we both might go splat on the concrete.

Maybe we shouldn’t even try, she said, and got all sad.

Suddenly, I wanted to get blessed. I figured there might be food involved, and I love food.

I don’t like disappointing Mama.

So Mama came up with Plan B and said I should trust her.

After 12 years of togetherness, of course I do.

Mama hitched up my harness and leash and we took a ride in the car to the church.

We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day — sunny and 70-ish, with a brisk northwest wind that felt good on my furs.

Mama started leading me to the “handicapped” entrance, the one with an elevator going right into the church. Cool beans!

Me, sneaking through the church to the patio doors

We were the first to arrive, but it wasn’t long before all sorts of pets and their people joined us.

Cats in crates and an assortment of dogs — mostly of the little yappy variety.

Father told us about St. Francis and led us in some prayers. I’d just gotten comfy and was hoping for a snooze, when cold water hit me upside the head!

I’d been blessed and my first inclination was to shake off.

Who knew a blessing meant a bath?

So now Mama says I have to be good.

Fortunately, that’s the easy part!

18 thoughts on “Bless Me, Father

    • Thanks so much, Miss Beth Ann. I’m glad you mentioned that some of our Protestant churches are holding Blessing of the Pets, too. It’s a great custom — comforting for pet pawrents and gives us pets a chance to socialize with other critters and people.

  1. Hooray for creative Mama, finding the elevator! And what a wonderful experience. I’ve always been fond of St. Francis. Even though he usually shows up in a garden with a bird in his hand, he loved all the animals — including the doggies. In fact, he seems to have loved them so much that he’ll even keep loving you if you happen to be bad (always by mistake, of course)!

    • My mama is very creative, Miss Linda, and since I have no problem riding in elevators, this was a breeze! Best of all was getting to walk inside the church, a place Mama goes to rather often but which I’m never allowed to visit. Mama loves St. Francis, too. Anybody who loves animals the way he did is one of the good guys in my book!

  2. Dallas, this post is so PRECIOUS!

    “with a brisk northwest wind that felt good on my furs.” OMG, that made me laugh out loud!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your blessing, my favorite dog! However, I’ve always considered you blessed because not only do you have exceptional caretakers who love you very much (Mama and Domer), but you also make me feel blessed every time I read your posts and see you adorable face!

    Have a great weekend, sir! And please tell Mama I said hello.

    X to you both

    • I know I’m a lucky dog, Mr. Ron. So many doggins are caged at shelters wondering when they’re going to get a forever home. I’ve had Mama and the Domer practically all my life — if I ever start thinking I don’t have it so good, Mama reminds me how much they love me and gives me hugs!

      Mama said to tell you we’re sending you some of this nice cool air over the weekend — get out and enjoy it! Woof!

  3. Dallas, so glad you received a blessing @ church – what an adventure! I’m sure your mama is proud of you for going along with her sneaking you in through the church (St. Francis would definitely approve!!) 🐾🌟🐾☀️🐾

    • That’s what Mama said, Miss Virginia — that St. Francis would approve. It was a very fine adventure, and I’m glad I got to check out the church while I was at it!

  4. Gosh, Dallas, we’re impressed! Though we must say that if some guy dunked water on our heads, it’d be him that would need blessed… and bandages! Good idea of your mama to take the handicapped elevator – much more sensible than trying to carry you up all those stairs. We’re wondering how long the effects will last… don’t be too good for too long, it could become a habit…

    Love, Tommy and Tuppence 😼😼

    • Tommy and Tuppence, you know me too well! I’ve been doing a LOT of snoozing (keeps me out of trouble!), but just wait til the effects of that blessing fade away, heh heh!! I bet that’s why the kitties coming for their blessing were contained in traveling crates — so they wouldn’t freak out when the water started splashing around. Nice of you two to point that out!

    • Better late than never, Miss Dawn!! I think Katie might enjoy the blessing … if you warn her about the cold water first. Mama failed to mention that, even though I’d seen the “bucket” and prayer book when we got there. What I didn’t see were cookies. Hmm, maybe you should bring along a few of them, too!!

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