Hoping for Peace

You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist. ~Golda Meir, fourth Prime Minister of Israel

We’ve been told to expect tribulation in the world,

And we don’t have to look far to see a rocky path:

Crowded with thorns and brambles:

More often than not, cold and unforgiving:

But that doesn’t mean we should give up.

Because peace, real peace, is something most of us crave.

Maybe we’ve been focusing too long on the big picture:

And failing to appreciate how interconnected we small humans are:

Maybe we simply need to place one foot in front of the other:

And keep working toward new beginnings of peace:

19 thoughts on “Hoping for Peace

      • Debbie, I am reading a book right now that only reinforces what I believe to be true. When we “hope” we are actually telling the Universe we lack, and thus, we get more lack. When we both say and feel we ARE hope, that is when more hope appears in our lives. It’s powerful stuff! Yet, in those times of great difficulty, it is so easy (for me) to slide back into begging and asking. I’m learning to live consciously on the Higher Path, to BE what I desire to manifest in my life. (smile)
        Dale Carnegie is absolutely correct. I like that. The three C’s.

        • Words are so powerful, aren’t they, whether they’re spoken or merely thought. If more people understood how easily words can be a blessing or a weapon, I think we might be able to exist more peaceably together!

      • PS. Desire is the wrong word to use here. I have to come up with something to replace that. Desire indicates again “lack”. How about what I KNOW is rightfully mine. There that’s better. See? I still stumble and I still am learning. (smile) xo

  1. What perfect thoughts for a time that seems to be increasingly conflict-ridden. Your way of combining them with the images was perfect; it takes time to do that, and you did it well! Thanks for adding an especially nice touch to my Sunday morning, Debbie.

    • Two “perfects” in one comment? Oh, Linda, you’ve made my morning — thank you! I’m glad you liked this one. It’s a struggle making myself go outside in all that snow and cold to take photos, when I’d rather be nestled in a sunny window reading a good book, ha!

  2. Debbie, what an inspiring post for the current state of not only the US, but the whole world.

    I love how your photos so perfectly reflect your words!

    “failing to appreciate how interconnected we small humans are…”

    That is so true. We so often see our differences, but neglect to see (and appreciate) how much we’re all connected.

    For me, I’ve stopped watching the news because I can no longer tolerate the way they focus on our differences; perpetuating the turbulence. I focus on being the change I want to see, through the small interactions I have with my fellow-humans each day.


    Thanks so much for sharing this, my friend. It was/is much needed.

    Have a faaaaaaaaaabulous Sunday! X

    • Thanks so very much for saying this, Ron. You know I used to be a journalist, and I had to be in the know all the time. Of course, back then (15 years ago — wow!), times weren’t near as turbulent as they are today. Not sure I could — or would want — to be covering news anymore.

      I’m glad you liked my “photo story.” There’s something so purifying about snow, the way it floats to the earth and covers up everything in its path. And I love how quiet it feels in the midst of a snowfall — not the blizzard ones, of course!

      Hope your Sunday is going smoothly and that the week ahead will be peaceful! xx

  3. Lovely post, Debbie! Yes, if we could just take a little time to listen out for the things we agree about instead of always looking for things to disagree about, then we might move a little closer to a peaceful world…

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